How many pigs in the world?

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There are 1 billion pigs in the world
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Whats the worlds largest pig?

Worlds largest pig . The world's largest domestic boar was "Big Norm" who lived in New York and passed away at the age of 7 in Sept. 08, he was appox, 8 feet long and 1200 lbs and a yorkshire.. The world's largest living domestic sow is "Roomba", a 3 year old pig who lives in Plant City FL, is a (MORE)

What is the biggest guinea pig in the world?

The world's largest guinea pig is named Cocoa. Cocoa is the size of a medium-sized dog. It's a white & black guinea pig, looks like a Husky and weighs 12 tonnes and lives in Jamaica . Please see the related lunk for more info: It's called a Capybara

Is a pig one of the worlds smartest animals?

Actually, pigs are among some of the smartest animals in the world, contrary to the thoughts of many. Surprisingly, pigs ranked number six out of ten on a countdown of animals ranked by Animal Planet by intelligence.

How many Ginny pigs can a Ginnyh pig have?

Usually two or three in the first litter - more - up to four or five in the second. You shouldn't breed from your guinea pig once it is over a year old.. Usually two or three in the first litter - more - up to four or five in the second. You shouldn't breed from your guinea pig once it is over a ye (MORE)

How many babies do pigs usually have?

A female guinea pig will have 1-4 in her first litter and up to 8 babies in her second litter. Also up to 8 in litter later on. But the average amount of babies born in a litter is about 4 or 5. If you want to breed a female guinea ppig make sure you breed her for the first tim ewhen she is between (MORE)

Who is the fastest pig in the world?

Amums Wine is the fastest pig in the world. She set the record in 1982 in Adelaide, Australia at the World Pig Athletics meet. She set a time of 14 seconds from the sty to the trough and no competitor has ever come close.

In what part in the world is a pig found?

Pigs can be found in almost any part of the world. Their purpose greatly ranges from a beloved pet to a source of meat. The fact that they are willing to eat a great range of different foods adds to there appeal, since not everyone can let them go out and graze in a field everyday, like say a cow.

What is the worlds fastest pig?

The world's fastest pig currently resides in Northern Alberta and was born in 2004. The pig's name is Nathaniel and his diet mostly consists of hay and water. Hay and water are the two key components that make him go this fast. Researchers recently visited Nathaniel's home to find out how fast the p (MORE)

Is war pigs about World War 2?

The Bay of Pigs Invasion was an unsuccessful attempt by a CIA-trained force of Cuban exiles to invade southern Cuba, with support from US government armed forces, to overthrow the Cuban government of Fidel Castro.(April 1961)

How do beat pig marzuka in The World ends with you?

Each of the pigs are beat by different ways. Some of them you have to kill in a specific order. Some you have to kill with a specific type of pin. One of them you kill by closing the DS (puts the DS in sleep mode). This was the trickiest one to kill.

Is the pig the smartests species in the world?

No. Pigs are pretty clever, but are not the "smartest species in the world". Border collies are probably more intelligent; certainly, they are capable of understanding more words than pigs are. I think that pigs get a reputation for "smartness" because pigs constantly exceed the farmer's low expecta (MORE)

Were can you find a guinea pig in the world?

Most Guinea Pigs live in the South America because of the heat.Some people say that you can find them in India.But if you are travelling it is very different.Try South America if that matter is so!

When will pigs take over the world?

Um, No they will not, and if you have nothing to do other than ask pesky questions, try another site or ask real questions! :) Answer 2 Milllions of years of evolution or the sudden extinction of the human race and every other living creature/predator/bigger, more successful herbivore, might se (MORE)

Why pigs have so many nipples?

Sows tend to have a large litter of piglets to feed (ranging from 8 to 18 piglets), so a large number of teats are needed to feed as many piglets as a sow has. Sows only have one uterus, but have two long uterine horns which are able to house as many offspring as she can. The uterine horns are desig (MORE)

How many pigs to star a pig farm?

You only need one male pig and one female pig, wait until theirs baby's grow and in no time you will have a pig farm. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR PIG FARM :)

How many breeds of pigs r there?

About 10 or 15, depending on who you ask. Some breeders consider certain breeds as subtypes of more common breeds. Some of the most common: - American / English (smooth coat, most common) - Abyssinian (multi-colored with 8 or more hair swirls) - Coronet (long coat and a swirl of hair on the (MORE)

Why is it good for a pig to have many nipples?

Pigs can have up to 20 piglets in one litter! They have got to have room to feed all those babies at once! At at least one point in a pigs life, it will literally be nursing nearly ALL day. One piglet can't hog all of the milk!

Who looks most like a pig in this world?

There are a number of pig like creatures around. One point to remined those who do not like pigs is the repeatable scientific fact that of all the animals on this planet pigs show more inteligence

How many cells does a pig have?

Pigs have many cells. It is difficult to stay how many cells aliving things has as cells are always multiplying and dividing.

How many pigs are in The Three Little Pigs?

You would expect to get most people just going "3 durr its in the title!" but actually there is 4, if you think about it at the beginning Mummy pig sends them away to make their own houses because there is no room left in her house.

How many young can a guinea pig have?

Guinea Pigs can have from 1-8 babies, the average is usually 3. It can be dangerous for the mom if they only have one baby because it will be very big and difficult to give birth to. Having four or more babies is dangerous for the babies because they are small and weak and the moms only have two tea (MORE)

Can you take over the world with pigs?

there is no possibility that anyone could over run the world by using pigs, they are very small creatures and cant really do any harm to a human whatsoever

How many germ layers do pigs have?

Pigs, as well as all other higher multicellular animals, have threegerm layers. They are referred to as triploblastic animals. Animalswith only two germ layers are called diploblastic animals.

How many days of breeding for pigs?

This one is difficult. I am not sure what you are really asking. I will give you several answers. Maybe one will answer your question. Mini pigs are in heat, ready for breeding, for 2-3 days, monthly. They go in heat approximately ever 28-30 days. Now, Micro pigs are pregnant for 3 mos., 3 weeks, an (MORE)