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How many pounds to make a half bushel of tomatoes?

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There is approximately 53lbs in a bushel. So half a bushel would be approximately 25-26lbs.
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When canning tomatoes how many quarts does a bushel make?

From USDA website:  CRUSHED TOMATOES   WITHOUT ADDED LIQUID  A high-quality product, ideally suited for use in soups, stews, and casseroles.  Quantity   An average

How many pounds in a half bushel?

. . . is that a bushel of feathers, a bushel of cotton, a bushel of wheat, or a bushel of lead pellets? (A bushel is a volume, not a weight.)

What does a half bushel of tomatoes weigh?

It varies greatly with the type of tomato, and their water content. A bushel is not a fixed weight, but a measurement of volume. However the Georgia Farm Bureau suggests that