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Earth has a variety of satellites as explained below. (See related links for sources.)

Natural Satellites:

Earth has one natural satellite. The Moon.

Quasi Satellites:

Quasi-satellites accompany Earth as it orbits the Sun but while located near Earth and affected by Earth's gravitational pull, they actually orbit the Sun and not earth. Their orbits are unstable they appear and disappear over thousands of years. There are at least five such quasi-satellites, including Cruithne which was discovered in 1986 and has been called "Earth's second moon" though it is only 5 kilometers in size and does not actually orbit Earth. The designation of quasi-satellites is ambiguous and there may be more that have not been observed, so there is no fixed number.

In 2010 it was discovered that Earth posses at least one Trojan asteroid that precedes Earth as it orbits the Sun. This asteroid exists in a stable gravitational fixed point known as a Lagrangian point. Trojan satellites had been previously seen associated with other planets in the solar system. It is expected that more will be discovered.

Artificial Satellites:

As of April, 2013, there are 3707 artificial satellites in orbit around Earth.


This does not include various sorts of debris which remain in orbit, intentionally or not, from previous launches. There are at least 13 144 such objects, not including an uncountable number of small pieces that are strewn about as a result of intentionally discarded trash or accidents or collisions.
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