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How many scoops of ice cream can you get out of a gallon?

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You get 37 scoops out of a gallon of ice cream.
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How many scoops of ice cream equals a cup?

1-2 scoops is equal to a cup depending on size of scoop. An ice cream scoop is generally a 1/2 cup

How many calories 1 scoop of ice cream have?

Scoop sizes are different, so are the calories for each brand of  ice cream. Plain or regular ice cream seems to be lower in calories  than are ice creams that are labelled

How many scoops of ice cream in a gallon?

If you are using a 1/2 cup-sized scoop there will be 32 in one gallon.

How many scoops does 11 liter ice cream make?

This answer has a lot of variables to consider. It depends on the  size of scoop you use. You will find that the commercial ice cream  stores use different sizes of scoops.