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How many sheep per person in New Zealand?

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The ratio of sheep to people in New Zealand has been large for many years. It reached a peak in the years from the 1950s to the early 1980s.In 1950 the ratio was 18 sheep for every person in New Zealand, and from then until 1986 it varied between 18 and 22 sheep per person. It was 16 sheep per person in 1991.

The sheep to person ratio has since dropped to 8 sheep per person for 2008. This is due to many farmers changing to more lucrative production, with the exact change depending on the region. Some major changes have been to beef, wine grape growing and dairy.
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Sheep in New Zealand?

Umm, yes? I'm not exactly sure what you are asking, but yes there are lots of sheep in New Zealand.

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because in 1964 all the sheep were being killed by the troops in America and there were hardly any left for the fests. in 1994 there were no sheep they were extinct and sudden