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How many ships did the Bismarck sink?

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The Bismarck sunk only one ship. The Hood. The Hood was sailing with the Prince of Whales ship which retreated after the Hood was sunk. The Bismarck set sail on May 19, 1941. British Biplanes hit the Bismarck's rudder and crippled it. It was sunk on May 27, 1941.
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What date did the Bismarck sink?

  27 May must be "battleship" day. The Bismarck was sunk (scuttled actually, according to Dr. Ballard's expedition) on 27 May 1941. Coincidentally, on that same day and mo

Where did the Bismarck sink?

  In the North Atlantic. The German battleship Bismarck was devastated in a naval battle with British forces on May 27, 1941, in the Atlantic about 400 miles (650 km) west

How many Union ships did the CSS Virginia sink?

  * The USS Cumberland by ramming and not by shellfire.  * The USS Congress which was grounded with hot shot after it had surrendered and its crew had been removed.  * T

How many ships were sunk by the battleship Bismarck?

One. In the Battle of the Denmark Strait (May 24, 1941), the British battleship HMS Hood was hit at long range by a salvo from Bismarck, exploded, and sank, leaving only three

What ship sank the Bismarck?

The German battleship Bismarck was sunk on May 27, 1941, by a combined British fleet which included battleships and destroyers. She was however, initially crippled by torpedoe

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