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How many soldiers in a armored cavalry troop?

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How can a WWll soldier have both a Red Bull Patch AND a Blue Devil patch on his uniform when his discharge papers only state he was a member of the 34th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop?

The 34th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop was an organic unit to the 34th Infantry Division, the Red Bulls. The 34th Inf. Div. & the 88th Inf. Div., the Blue Devils, were divisio

How many soldiers are in a troop?

A troop is a military unit. A troop comprises three to fiveplatoons. The platoon contains from two to four squads or sections,each of which could have anywhere from eight to

How many soldiers were in a troop for World War 2?

A "troop" would normally indicate a single unit of a body of  troops. However, the military use is as a subunit equivalent to a  "platoon" consisting of two or more squads.

What equipment do the US armored cavalry use?

The Vietnam War was the first war that the US Army used the "basic" configuration that established the "armored cavalry" of today. During that war, the US Army Armored Cav uni

How many soldiers are in a 'troop'?

A Troop is equivalent to a company.. you'd be looking at 120 - 150 personnel.