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How many songs can a 4 GB Zune hold?

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It depends on how big the size of the song is. For example: if the song is 3,000 kb, you can hold around 1,000 songs. If it is smaller than 3,000, you can hold more but over, you hold less.
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How many minute songs can 4 gigabytes hold?

4 GB can hold about 1000 songs. This depends on your player though. Also it depends on the size of the songs. If the songs are 4mb then it's about 1000 songs.

How many songs can thirty gigabytes hold?

\nAssuming that the encoding of the MP3 is 128kbps, then work on the average of 1 minute of music = 1MB. Therefore, a 4 minute song will be 4MB.\n. \nYou get 250 songs per G

How many songs will 500 gigabytes hold?

Answers \n. \n~ 250,000 songs can fit on a 500 gigabyte (GB) hard drive. \n. \n Each gigabyte (GB) holds about 500 songs. (depending on size and length)

How many songs will 1 gigabytes hold?

It depends on the length of the songs and the format they are stored in. 1 GB may hold roughly 800 3 minute mp3s, but like I said, it depends.

How many songs do 2 gigabytes hold?

It depends on how much size does each songs contains, the bigger the song size, the smaller amount of songs to be hold, the smaller the song size, the larger amount of songs i

If a zune has 120 gb how many songs can it hold?

If you limited yourself to 128Kbps encoding and each one of your songs was 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, you could store approximately 3,5714 songs on one, neglecting reserve

How many songs will a 4 gigabytes hold?

The amount of storage space needed for a song will depend on the length of the song and the amount of compression used - the greater the compression the smaller the amount of

How many songs do 8 gigabytes hold?

That all depends on the length of the song and the compression type used. An MP3 @ 320/kbps would hold 3200 minutes of music. Assuming each song is 2.5 minutes long that's abo