How many spark plugs in a ninja 250?

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Where is the spark plug on a kawasaki ninja?

I'm guessing the same as most other bikes... under the gas tank.. take a look at this video. The spark plugs are located under t

Where is drain plug on ninja 250?

Im assuming for the oil? if so it is on the underside of the bike right under the clutch. It just looks like a bolt, the round thing right next to it is the oil filter.

How do you get the 1999 250 ninja to give you a spark?

to check for a spark, remove the spark plug wires, and either use a spare plug or the one in the cylinder. Hold the plug againt some exposed metal on the bike and turn the eng

How do you change the ninja 650 spark plugs?

Righty tighty, lefty loosy! Of course you have to get to them first under the gas tank. Should be able to without completely removing the seat. Prop the tank up with a couple

Where is the spark plug at on a 1997 Honda 250?

Depends on what we are talking about. There is the Honda Recon 250ATV with a single cylindar engine, the spark plug is located at thecylinder head. The Honda Hornet motorcycle