How many spoken languages in the world do not have a written form?

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Most languages spoken in the world do not have an original written form. This idea of writing dates back to Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, China and India. When we look at the new world, the most advanced civilizations had written language, the Aztec, Inca, Maya, and many people believe the Iriquoir and Omlec had it as well.

Originally, everthing except the Europeans, Arabs, Indians, Chinese and Japonese, and the few civilizations in the Americas had no written words. Later, African tribes like the Mali, and Zulu developed them, By the time of colonialization, around 1490, the words of Europe were being exported. African and American, and Australian tribes which had no written language adopted entire languages (as in the Americas) or at least entire writing systems (as in Australia) Today approximately 6000 languages are spoken, and more then 2/3 of them did not have an original written language (who is to say whether one would have developed) but today over 80% of all languages use some sort of written communication.
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What is the most spoken language in the world?

TOP TEN LANGUAGES IN THE WORLD BY NUMBER OF NATIVE SPEAKERS: . Mandarin Chinese - China . English - U.S.A., U.K., Canada, New Zealand, Australia,etc. . Hindustani (includes many dialects, including Hindu & Urdu)- India . Spanish - Spain, Latin America . Russian - Russia . Arabic - Middle Eas (MORE)

What language is spoken most in the world?

The language most people know how to speak is Mandarin Chinese, with its about 1.151 billion speakers - most of them are native speakers. English is the second most spoken language in the world with an estimated 1 billion speakers. Around .5 billion people speak Spanish, which is the third most (MORE)

What was the first language spoken in the world?

The first language is a hypothetical concept known as Proto-Worldor Proto-Sapiens. it existed sometime between 200,000 years ago and50,000 years ago. It has no writing and it is only a hypothesis. It is also possible that different languages emerged at roughly thesame time in different parts of the (MORE)

How many languages are spoken in London?

The main language is English, but London is a melting pot of cultures and languages. Immigrants speak more than 500 languages in London. Languages in London . Probably almost all the languages of the world are spoken in London. The major languages would include English, French, Spanish, German, (MORE)

How many written languages are in the world?

"It is difficult to give an exact figure of the number of languages that exist in the world, because it is not always easy to define what a language is. The difference between a language and a dialect is not always clear-cut. It has nothing to do with similarity of vocabulary, grammar, or pronunciat (MORE)

What is the most spoken language in the world besides Mandarin or other forms of Chinese?

What are the world's most widely spoken languages? . This question is a very interesting one that has a rather complicated answer. Estimates of how many people speak a language are quite general and can vary considerably. For example, English estimates vary from 275 to 450 million, Spanish f (MORE)

How many languages are spoken in Europe?

230 languages are spoken in Europe. Some examples of the different languages spoken in Europe are: IN addition to the 23 official languages of the EU (European Union): български (Bălgarski) - BG - Bulgarian Čeština - CS - Czech Dansk - DA - Danish Deutsch - DE (MORE)

What is the language most spoken in the world?

English is the preferred and generally accepted language ofbusiness and commerce in the world today. For example, all airtraffic controllers and pilots have to speak English to communicateover the airwaves. French is used for diplomacy. The Americas mainly speak Spanish, English, and Portuguese (i (MORE)

What are the top ten most widely spoken and written languages in the world?

1.English 2.Spanish 3.Chinese(Mandarin) 4.Arabic 5.Bengali 6.Hindi 7.Russian 8.Portuguese 9.Japanese 10.German . 1. Mandarin Chinese (1.1 billion). 2. English (330 million). 3. Spanish (300 million). 4. Hindi/Urdu (250 million). 5. Portuguese (220 million). 6. Arabic (200 million). 7. Beng (MORE)

How many languages are spoken in the whole world?

There are currently a number of 6,912 living languages spoken in the world to this day. There are a total of 165 indigenous languages around the world. Only eight are spoken by as many as 1,000 people. More languages are spoken in Queens, NY than in any other part of the world. Hope that helped.

How many languages are spoken in the UK?

Hundreds as a result of unfettered immigration from all over the world. The official languages are English (spoken throughout the country) and Welsh (spoken in West Wales). There is also some Scots Gaelic spoken in the north west of Scotland and some French spoken in the Channel Islands. But the num (MORE)

What is the worlds most spoken language?

This question is a very interesting one that has a rather complicated answer. Estimates of how many people speak a language are quite general and can vary considerably. For example, English estimates vary from 275 to 450 million, Spanish from 150 to over 300 million, Hindi from 150 to 350 million, a (MORE)

How many languages are spoken in the Olympics?

There are three official languages of the Olympics: The two permanent languages of the Olympics are English and French and the third language is the language of the host country, or Mandarin Chinese in the 2008 Olympics.

How many languages are spoken in the Americas?

There's no precise answer to your question. The number of languages spoken by a sizable number of people would probably number a hundred or so (this is just an estimate), Answer: The previous answer is incorrect. Firstly, Ethnologue, lists 750 indigenous, Native American languages. Further mor (MORE)

How many languages are spoken in Nigeria?

Answer: There are a total of 521 languages spoken in Nigeria. 510 are living languages, two second languages and 9 languages that are extinct. Answer: There are 4 recognised languages. It's official language is English. It's regional languages are Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. 107

What is the the oldest spoken language in the world?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell, because languages are in a state of continual evolution. Many people want their language to be considered the oldest, and you will frequently get these answers: Mandarin, Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, Hungarian, etc. But the truth is, no one (MORE)

Why are many languages spoken in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia, like much of Africa, has quite a few different tribal groups living within its borders, as well as a long history as an independent nation at a crossroads point. Given its proximity to Mecca, it has had a lot of traffic thanks to pilgrimages (not to mention the splinter group of Muslims wh (MORE)

How many languages are spoken in the EU?

There are 24 official languages spoken in the European Union.They are Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English,Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish,Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish. Maltese, Portugese, Romanian,Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish. In addition, (MORE)

What language was spoken at the beginning of the world?

At the beginning of the world there was no life and so there was no language. After life had formed and evolved over a few million years in to sophisticated multi cell organisms such as fish, basic communication signals were used by different species. For example some fish will swim in a pattern to (MORE)

What are the languages that are spoken in the world?

English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Norwegian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Bengali, Japanese, Italian, etc. There are around 6500 languages spoken in the world, obviously too much to type.

What is the mostly spoken language in the world?

With highest number of native speakers at 1025 million (1.02b) mandarin wins if you are talking about native speakers only. But English really wins, not only because it is far more spread out over the globe, but because the total number of speakers in the world totals 1800 million (1.8b).

What are the languages spoken throughout the world?

You've asked a very broad and general question so it's quite difficult to answer. There are countless countries and islands in the world and more than twice as many languages - some official, some not. Find below a list of languages spoken throughout the world that I have managed to find in Wikip (MORE)

How many Spanish language spoken are in the world?

If you are asking how many people speak Spanish in the world, it is estimated that there are about 330 million to 400 million native speakers and another 100 million people who speak it as a second language.

Which is most spoken language in world?

Most widely/Most spoken language- English (spoken virtually everywhere on Earth, number of speakers range from 1.5-2 billion speakers) Most number of Native (1st language) speakers- Mandarin (spoken generally in China, number of native speakers are about 800 million)

What is the second spoken language in the world?

If you are asking what the second most spoken language in the world is, by number of total speakers, it's English. If you are asking what the second most widely spoken language is, it's Spanish. If you are asking what language is the most common second language for people, it's English.

How many language are spoken in japan?

The main language is naturally Japanese, a regional language is Okinawan, a minority language is Ainu. Immigrant languages include Korean, Chinese and Portuguese. The main foreign language is English

What are the languages spoken or written around the world?

(Please add the languages alphabetically) Aari Abau Aceh Achi, Rabinal Acholi Adangme Adi Adygey Afade Afar Afrikaans A-Hmao Ainu Aja-Gbe Akan Akha Aklanon Akposo Alaba Albanian Albanian, Kosovar Aleut Algonkian /Algonquian Algonquin Altai Alur (MORE)

How many languages are spoken in Ukraine?

Many, the two most important languages are Ukrainian and Russian, but according to a recently changed law, Hungarian, Romanian and Crimean Tatar are official regional languages too.

Which spoken language is old in the world?

There's no real agreement on this as many languages claim to be the oldest. Greek and Chinese were first written around 1500BC and are among the claimants but modern Chinese and Greeks would hardly understand a word of the original languages.

How many languages are spoken in the Bible?

Most of the books of the Hebrew Bible were written in Hebrew (עברית), with the exception of the books of Daniel and Ezra which were written in Jewish Aramaic (ארמית), a language very closely related to Hebrew. The books of the New Testament were written entirely in Koi (MORE)

How many languages are spoken in solvenia?

The official language of Slovenia is Slovene, Other languageswidely spoken, depending on the ethnic and national circles includeItalian, Hungarian, English, French, German and Spanish.