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How many square feet are in one acre?

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There are 43,560 square feet in one acre.
An acre is a unit of area. 640 acres equal a square mile. Hence, it is 1/640 of a square mile. Since a square mile contains 27,878,400 square feet, an acre is 27,878,400 divided by 640, which is 43,560 square feet.

Remember: an acre can be converted to SQUARE feet, not plain (linear) feet. Square feet and feet are not the same units. A foot is unit of distance. A square foot is a unit of area.
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How many square feet is one acre?

The area of one acre is 43,560 square feet, but there are an infinite number of different shapes and dimensions an acre could have. Here are a few examples: Square: 208.

Can you tell me how many square feet are in one acre?

    Answer     43,560 ft in an acre     in one Acre there is 43560.40 sq feet for more conversions visit links below in the link section 1 acre = 43,56

How many feet are in one side of 5 acres if square?

  There are about 43,560 SF in one acre, which means you have 217,800 SF in your 5 acre parcel. Assuming that the geometric shape you are referring to is a perfect square