How many square feet is one katha?

There are 720 square feet (66.9 square meters) in one katha.
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How many decimal in one katha?

A katha is a measure of area. A decimal is simply a way of representing a number - any number. It has no relation t any measure.
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How many square feet are there in 1 katha in Bihar?

Even state-by-state within India, different units measure different  areas. In Bihar, one katha may vary from 750 ft² to 2000 ft².
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How many decimal is one katha?

A katha (also spelled cottah) is a unit of area in Bangladesh and India approximately equal to 1/20 of a bigha (720 ft² or 66.89 m²). The unit is still in use in much of Ban (MORE)

How many square feet in 3 katha in west Bengal?

3 katha in . . . Assam . . . . . 8,640 square feet Bengal . . . . . 2,160 square feet Bihar . . . . . . 4,083.75 square feet Madhya Pradesh . . . 18,000 square feet
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