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How many square feet is one katha?

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There are 720 square feet (66.9 square meters) in one katha.
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One square feet how many feet?

Square feet means a flat area. Feet means a line measure. One square foot is an area equal to a square that measures one foot on each side. A rectangle measuring 6 inches by 2

How many square feet in one are?

There are 43,560 square feet in one acre.

How many yards in one square feet?

There are no yards in one square foot as 'yard' is a measure of length (one dimension) whereas 'square foot' is a measure of area (two dimensions).

How many square feet is one feet?

Feet are length units, square feet are area units. This is not possible to convert between the two. Square feet measure area. A foot is a linear measure and can be said to h