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How many square ft is in a 11 ft by 16 ft?

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11 * 16 = 176 square feet
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How many ft is 10' 11?

I don't know much imperial, but that's 10 feet 11 inches right? If so then it is 10 feet + 11/12 feet or approx 10.917 feet.

How many cubic ft in 16 square yards?

Your question makes absolutely no sense, because 16 square yards is two-dimensional, and cubic feet are three-dimensional. The two units cannot be converted.

How many liters is 16 square ft?

(1 cubic foot = 28.317 liters) Square feet is a measure of area, not volume as is liters if your cube was 4 * 4 * 4 feet = 64 cubic feet, this would = (64 * 28.317) 1812.3 lit