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How many step is in 1.3 miles?

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1.3 miles is 2253.0816 meters. An average step is about 2/3 of a meter, so 2253.0816 / (2/3) = 3,380 This is just an approximation, though, as everyone has a different stride length. An easy way to find your own is lay out a tape measurer and find your own stride length. Then do 2253.0816 divided by your stride length in meters.
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How many miles are 5995 steps?

"how big are the steps?" There are 5280 feet in a mile so you would  find how many feet your steps are and then take that number and  5280/"size of step"

How many miles are in 5000 steps?

  If the average stride length of an adult female is 2 feet, and that of a male is 2.5 feet (unverified accuracy, but seen elsewhere, and seems about right -- I'm a female

How many miles are in 4600 steps?

Depends on your stride length, but if we assume you are a Roman soldier on the march (well, why not?), then 1000 paces equals 1 mile. However, a Roman pace was not just a 'lef

How many miles are in 2850 steps?

If a step is 24", a bit more than 1 mile, but much less than 2 miles.

How many steps in 1.33 mile?

lets say the average step for a human is around 32 inches there are 84268.8 inches in 1.33 miles so 84268.8 divided by 32 = 2633.4 so around 2630 - 2640

How many miles are 10000 steps?

Depends on how tall you are. I am about 5 feet 8 inches, and each step averages to 40 cm from toe to toe. That means that for me, each step is 0.4 meters. 1 km = 4000 steps, 1

How many miles is 1.3 km?

Answer: 1.3 km = 0.807782 mi.
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How many miles are in 8305 steps?

Well if you figure roughly 2.5 feet are in a step (depening on age  and height) multiply that times the number of steps you took (8305)  which equals 20762.5 feet. Divide th