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How many storeys do ranch-style houses have?

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What is plural of storey?

The plural of storey is storeys. In UK and Australian English, the word storey refers to the levels of a building, as in a three-storey building - which could be said to have

How tall is a storey?

In a building, a story just means a floor of the building. A building that has seven levels or seven floors is seven stories high. In feet, the average story is between 9 and

What is -5c in Fahrenheit?


What is the difference between a house with two storeys and a house with two floors?

  Generally speaking, there is no difference, although, sometimes, storeys refer to floors above the ground floor, so, a building with 4 storeys would have 5 floors. Mostl

Is it two-story or two-storey?

Both are acceptable. I think the first spelling is American and the second spelling is British.

What is an underground storey?

A storey of a building that is underground is often called a basement or basement level.   In terms of buildings, there is a recent one of a section of dis-used and abandon