How many subway trains are there in New york?

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There are 6,282 subway CARS with each train averaging between 8-11 cars
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What is the history of the New York subway musicians?

%DETAILS%. Answer . I've been writing a paper on it for my university writing class at Columbia, and I've found a lot of interesting information about the formation of the Music Under New York program (it started in 1985). As for before 1985, I don't really know. Supposedly they were "prohibited (MORE)

How do you take the subway in New York City?

Answer . \nfirst, you read the subway map to find out where you're at and where you're going. Then you go to the Metrocard machine and pay $2 per ride. Swipe your Metrocard through the turnstile. Proceed to the side in which your going. For example: If you're heading to Yankee Stadium in the Bro (MORE)

How do you meet a New York subway train operator driver?

best way is to be at the last stop of a train where the trains are held until it's their due time to leave again. operators usually arrive early before they are supposed to go out. that's how i met one. i wanted to ask him about taking the test.

Can a 15 yr old work at Subway in New York?

\nWhen You Turn 14 You can work in an:\n. \noffice, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, movie theater, baseball park, amusement park, or gasoline service station.\n. \nYou generally may not work in:\n. \ncommunications or public utilities jobs, construction or repair jobs, driving a motor ve (MORE)

How do you get from the 6 train to the D train on the New York City subway system?

You have a total of five options (four in Manhattan, and one in The Bronx): Option 1 1) Take the 6 train to 14th Street-Union Square. 2) Transfer at 14th Street-Union Square to the westbound (Manhattan-bound) L train. 3) Take the L train one stop to 6th Avenue (at 14th Street). 4) Tran (MORE)

How many subway stations are there in New York City?

There are 468 New York City subway stations, although the number is reduced to 423 if stations that are connected to each other (such as the New Utrecht Avenue Station and the 62nd Street Station, or the Times Square Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal Station, or the Lexington Avenue-53rd S (MORE)

What is the name of the New York City subway?

The New York City subway system doesn't have a name. It's just, "the subway." The individual lines are assigned colors, and the trains on those lines are assigned numbers or letters: the A-C-E (the blue line), the 1-2-3 (the red line), the G train (the light green line), the 4-5-6 (the dark green li (MORE)

Will there be a new New York City subway line?

Yes! As of now, there is only one subway line that runs all the way up and down (north/south and south/north) the East Side of Manhattan: the 4-5-6 line (color code green), aka the IRT, aka the Lexington Avenue Subway. On the West Side, there are two lines that run up and down Manhattan: the A-C-E l (MORE)

How many subway lines are there in New York City?

There are 10 New York City subway lines: A-C-E (the blue line) B-D-F-M (the orange line) 1-2-3 (the red line) 4-5-6 (the dark green line) N-R-Q-W (the yellow line) J-Z (the brown line) 7 train (the purple line) G train (the light green line) L train (color code gr (MORE)

Who runs the New York City subway?

Public transportation in New York City is regulated and administered by the NYCTA (New York City Transit Authority), which is a sub-division of the MTA (Metro Transit Authority). The MTA is the New York State transit authority. See the Related Links below for more information about the NYCTA and th (MORE)

How reliable is the New York City Subway?

Pretty reliable. Meaning, you might have to wait awhile for your train to come, but it WILL come eventually. During the day, you usually don't have to wait more than 10 or 15 minutes for a train, and in the middle of the night, you usually don't have to wait more than half an hour, at the most. Oft (MORE)

Which New York City subway train goes from West 72nd Street to Yankee Stadium?

If you are traveling at any time EXCEPT weekdays between 4 and 6:45 PM: Take the Uptown B train (of the B-D-F-M , the orange line) or Uptown C train (of the A-C-E , the blue line) from 72nd Street (at Central Park West) to 125th Street or 145th Street. Transfer at 125th or 145th to the (MORE)

How many miles of subway track are there in New York City?

Including rail storage yards, over 722 miles of track. Another Answer There are 842 miles of track in the New York subway system. This does include non-revenue track (maintenance etc). There are 468 passenger stations (ones that anyone can get to). It is one of the few rapid transit systems to (MORE)

How do you ride the New York City subway?

You mean, how do you pay for your ride? There are still some stations that are manned by transit workers, and you can buy your Metrocard from them. But most often, you have to buy it from one of the electronic kiosks. Half the time those machines won't take bills. Or, sometimes you get the reverse p (MORE)

Can you get to Greenwich CT on the subway from New York City?

No, you cannot take the subway to Greenwich from New York City. But you can take the subway to the MetroNorth stations, and then take MetroNorth Railroad to Greenwich. See the Related Link below for MetroNorth schedules and fares. You will need to click the icon on the RIGHT, the one that says "Cli (MORE)

Which New York City subway stops at Avenue D?

No subway stops at Avenue D. Or Avenues C, B and A. All of Alphabet City is without subway stations. You either take the L (the grey line) to 1st Avenue and walk southeast, or take the J (of the J-Z , the brown line) or the F (of the B-D-F-M , the orange line) to Delancey Street-Essex Street (MORE)

Who does the announcements on the New York subway?

The train conductors (the guys who ride in the box at the front of every car) do it, except on cars that don't have conductors. Some subway lines have pre-recorded messages. The rest just don't have any announcements.

How many cars does a New York City subway train have?

A typical New York City Subway train consists of 8 to 11 cars, although shuttles can have as few as 2, and the train can range from 150 to 600 feet in length. Trains not in revenue service can be up to 12 cars long. The New York City Subway system maintains two separate fleets of cars, one for th (MORE)

How do you get from the 6 train to the A train on the New York City subway system?

There are a few ways to do this. You can take the 6 train to 51st Street. Transfer is available between the 51st Street Station on the 6 train and the 53rd Street-Lexington Avenue Station on the E train. Take the Downtown E to 42nd Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal, and transfer there to t (MORE)

What subway train do you take to get to Best Western at 39-34 21st Street Long Island City New York from Penn Station?

Take the Downtown A-C-E (the blue line) from 34th Street-Penn Station to West 4th Street (doesn't matter which you take, the A , C or E , since all three stop at West 4th). Transfer at West 4th Street to the Uptown F train (of the B-D-F-M , the orange line) to 21st Street-Queensbridge in Qu (MORE)

How many subways trains are there in Switzerland?

There in one Métro (subway, underground railway) in Switzerland, in Lausanne. Zürich has an S-Bahn network which includes underground sections in the city centre. Basel, Bern, Geneva, Neuchâtel and Zürich all have tram networks.

Where can you transfer from the E train to the R train on the New York City subway system?

In Manhattan, the only direct transfer from the E to the R , or the R to the E , is at 42nd Street. Take the E to 42nd Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal, and then walk through the tunnel that connects the 42nd Street-Port Authority station to the 42nd Street-Times Square station, and get th (MORE)

Do New York City subways travel underwater?

I assume you are asking if the subway tunnels go under rivers or oceans. The answer is yes. For example, the NYC subway goes to Brooklyn and Queens, which is on the opposite site of the East river from Manhattan.

What New York Subway Station has drawings of people on tile?

The 86th Street Station (at Broadway) on the 1 train (of the 1-2-3, the red line) has drawings (actually, they are paintings) of people on tile. The paintings are all set in Manhattan: on park benches, at community centers, basketball courts, street fairs, etc. There may be other stations that have (MORE)

Why is a subway system important in New York?

Its very important for the reason tht riding a car to work or to go out somewhere who be very difficult... there are way to many cars on the road at all times and also ppl... so why go underground and save yourself sometime

How much did the New York City subway cost in 1975?

The fare was 35 cents from January 1, 1972 through August 31, 1975. The fare was 50 cents from September 1, 1975 through June 28, 1980. Wikipedia's "New York City transit fares" entry provides a complete fare history, from when the subway system opened in 1904, to the present day. See the Related (MORE)

Where can you buy a 2011 New York City Subway Map?

They are available all over the city and in some subway terminals for free. Best bet is to find a book store (there are Barnes & Nobles all over the city) where you can buy different versions of subway maps for under $10. Maps are also imprinted on umbrellas and other items at the MTA store in Gran (MORE)

How many subway stops are there between the new World Trade Center and the Museum of Natural History in New York city?

It's 11 stops, taking the Uptown E train (of the A-C-E , the blue line) from the World Trade Center station, and transferring to the Uptown C at any of the bolded stations. World Trade Center station to: 1) Canal Street 2) Spring Street 3) West 4th Street 4) 14th Street 5) (MORE)

Where are New York subway tickets bought?

New York subway tickets or MetroCards can be bought from a station agent, which requires cash only, or from MetroCard Vending Machines which takes credit, debit or cash.