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There are roughly 1800 million Muslims in the world, and the percent of Sunni Muslims in the Islamic faith is roughly 85-90%. Thus, around 1500 million of the total 7000 million people (1.5 out of 7 billion of the world population) is Sunni Muslim.
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How many sunnis live in Iraq?

Answer . Sunnis make up 35% of Iraq's population. As of July 2007 the Iraqi population was 27,499,638 so the Sunni population is roughly 9, 624, 873.3 people.

How many sunni muslim and shia muslim member of parliament in Iran?

Most of the Iranian Parliament is made of Shiites. There are  roughly 20 or so Sunni Parliamentarians compared with the roughly  250 Shiite Parliamentarians. There are also

How many Muslims live in the world and in which countries?

According to the 2009 Pew research center's study (American btw) the Muslim population currently stands at 23% of world population. Indonesia holds the largest population of M

What percentage of Muslims are Sunni Muslims?

80-85% Sunni Muslims  10% Shi'ite Muslims  5-10% Other Muslims    the figures may vary a bit. but these are pretty close to actual figures

What countries do Sunni Muslims live in?

Sunni Muslims live all around the world. They are mostly in the Middle East. Sunni Muslims living in the Islamic world and in Europe and America .. the number of Muslims in th

Who are sunni Muslims?

Answer 1 There are two major sects in Islam world wide namely Sunni and Shia Muslims. The Shia Muslims consider the Caliph Ali as their major leader after the prophet (peace

How many sunnis live in Iran?

Iran was a sunni state before safawi rule, sunnis were persecuted in iranian cities. Now sunnis make 8% of Iran population and live in mountainous regions. Tehran is only capi

What is the sunni Muslim population of the world?

  85% of the Muslim population is Sunni, so there are approximately 1.5 billion Sunni Muslims in the world at this moment in time. There are around 1600 million Muslims in
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How many sunnis are there in the world?

Answer . There are nearly 53 Muslim nations in the world. out of the 53 nations only Iran is majority shia nationa while the rest are sunni nations or there majority popul

Where in the world do Muslims live?

A Muslim is anyone who believes in and follows Islam. Islam is a religion, and is not restricted to one region or race. This means that there are Muslims living all around the

Who is Sunni for the Muslims?

"Sunni" is not a person. It comes from the word "Sunna" which means "customs and traditions [of Islam]". A "Sunni" is a person who follows the "Sunna". Answer 2 According to S
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How many gods do the sunni Muslims believe in?

Sunni Muslims as well as Shiites Muslims have full submission and surrender to Allah (God in English and same God in Judaism and Christianity and worship Allah (or God) as the