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There are roughly 1800 million Muslims in the world, and the percent of Sunni Muslims in the Islamic faith is roughly 85-90%. Thus, around 1500 million of the total 7000 million people (1.5 out of 7 billion of the world population) is Sunni Muslim.
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How many Muslims live in the world and in which countries?

According to the 2009 Pew research center's study (American btw) the Muslim population currently stands at 23% of world population. Indonesia holds the largest population of M

What percentage of Muslims are Sunni Muslims?

80-85% Sunni Muslims  10% Shi'ite Muslims  5-10% Other Muslims    the figures may vary a bit. but these are pretty close to actual figures

What countries do Sunni Muslims live in?

Sunni Muslims live all around the world. They are mostly in the Middle East. Sunni Muslims living in the Islamic world and in Europe and America .. the number of Muslims in th

How many Muslims live in Norway?

65000 Muslims (about 1% of total Norway population); per Pew Forum study dated October 2009. see link below.

How many Muslims live in Pakistan?

People living in Pakistan are overwhelmingly of the Muslim faith. In the high 90% range. This was a significant factor in the original creation of Pakistan. The population of

Who are sunni Muslims?

Answer 1 There are two major sects in Islam world wide namely Sunni and Shia Muslims. The Shia Muslims consider the Caliph Ali as their major leader after the prophet (peace

How many sunnis live in Iran?

Iran was a sunni state before safawi rule, sunnis were persecuted in iranian cities. Now sunnis make 8% of Iran population and live in mountainous regions. Tehran is only capi

How many Muslims live in India?

the most accepted figure is 165 million but some estimates put the number at 220 million.

How many Shia Muslims in the world?

The Shia are estimated to account for 10 to 15% of the total Muslim population, which puts their numbers at 165 to 190 million world wide.

Where in the world do Muslims live?

A Muslim is anyone who believes in and follows Islam. Islam is a religion, and is not restricted to one region or race. This means that there are Muslims living all around the

How many Muslims are there in the world 2013?

Answer 1 Muslim population in year 2013 is around 2000.6 million Muslims (28.26% of world population). Refer to link below.    Answer 2 The Pew World Forum sticks to the