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Praise be to Allah
114 surahs are in quran
Allah knows the best

#Surah (Chapter)Surah meaningRevealed inAyah numberSujda in Ayah1سورة الفاتحة - Al-FatihaThe Opening Mecca7--2سورة البقرة - Al-BaqaraThe Cow Madina286--3سورة آل عمران - Aal-e-ImranThe family of Imran Madina200--4سورة النساء - An-NisaThe Women Madina176--5سورة المائدة - Al-MaedaThe Table Spread Madina120--6سورة الأنعام - Al-AnaamThe cattle Mecca165--7سورة الأعراف - Al-ArafThe heights Mecca2062068سورة الأنفال - Al-AnfalSpoils of war, booty Madina75--9سورة التوبة - At-TaubahRepentance Madina129--10سورة يونس - YunusJonah Mecca109--11سورة هود - HudHud Mecca123--12سورة يوسف - YusufJoseph Mecca111--13سورة الرعد - Ar-RadThe Thunder Mecca431514سورة إبراهيم - IbrahimAbraham Mecca52--15سورة الحجر - Al-HijrStoneland, Rock city, Al-Hijr valley Mecca99--16سورة النحل - An-NahlThe Bee Mecca1285017سورة الإسراء - Al-IsraThe night journey Mecca11110018سورة الكهف - Al-KahfThe cave Mecca110--19سورة مريم - MaryamMary Mecca985820سورة طه - TahaTaha Mecca135--21سورة الأنبياء - Al-AnbiyaThe Prophets Mecca112--22سورة الحج - Al-HajjThe Pilgrimage Mecca781823سورة المؤمنون - Al-MumenoonThe Believers Mecca118--24سورة النور - An-NoorThe Light Mecca64--25سورة الفرقان - Al-FurqanThe Standard Mecca776026سورة الشعراء - Ash-ShuaraThe Poets Mecca227--27سورة النمل - An-NamlTHE ANT Mecca932628سورة القصص - Al-QasasThe Story Mecca88--29سورة العنكبوت - Al-AnkabootThe Spider Mecca69--30سورة الروم - Ar-RoomThe Romans Mecca60--31سورة لقمان - LuqmanLuqman Mecca34--32سورة السجدة - As-SajdaThe Prostration Mecca301533سورة الأحزاب - Al-AhzabThe Coalition Mecca73--34سورة سبأ - SabaSaba Mecca54--35سورة فاطر - FatirOriginator Mecca45--36سورة يس - Ya SeenYa Seen Mecca83--37سورة الصافات - As-SaaffatThose who set the ranks Mecca182--38سورة ص - SadSad Mecca882439سورة الزمر - Az-ZumarThe Troops Mecca75--40سورة غافر - GhafirThe Forgiver Mecca85--41سورة فصلت - FussilatExplained in detail Mecca543842سورة الشورى - Ash-ShuraCouncil, Consultation Mecca53--43سورة الزخرف - Az-ZukhrufOrnaments of Gold Mecca89--44سورة الدخان - Ad-DukhanThe Smoke Mecca59--45سورة الجاثية - Al-JathiyaCrouching Mecca37--46سورة الأحقاف - Al-AhqafThe wind-curved sandhills Mecca35--47سورة محمد - MuhammadMuhammad Madina38--48سورة الفتح - Al-FathThe victory Madina29--49سورة الحجرات - Al-HujraatThe private apartments Madina18--50سورة ق - QafQaf Mecca45--51سورة الذاريات - Adh-DhariyatThe winnowing winds Mecca60--52سورة الطور - At-turMount Sinai Mecca49--53سورة النجم - An-NajmThe Star Mecca626254سورة القمر - Al-QamarThe moon Mecca55--55سورة الرحمن - Al-RahmanThe Beneficient Mecca78--56سورة الواقعة - Al-WaqiaThe Event, The Inevitable Mecca96--57سورة الحديد - Al-HadidThe Iron Madina29--58سورة المجادلة - Al-MujadilaShe that disputes Madina22--59سورة الحشر - Al-HashrExile Madina24--60سورة الممتحنة - Al-MumtahinaShe that is to be examined Madina13--61سورة الصف - As-SaffThe Ranks Madina14--62سورة الجمعة - Al-JumuaThe congregation, Friday Madina11--63سورة المنافقون - Al-MunafiqoonThe Hypocrites Madina11--64سورة التغابن - At-TaghabunMutual Disillusion Madina18--65سورة الطلاق - At-TalaqDivorce Madina12--66سورة التحريم - At-TahrimBanning Madina12--67سورة الملك - Al-MulkThe Sovereignty Mecca30--68سورة القلم - Al-QalamThe Pen Mecca52--69سورة الحاقة - Al-HaaqqaThe reality Mecca52--70سورة المعارج - Al-MaarijThe Ascending stairways Mecca44--71سورة نوح - NoohNooh Mecca28--72سورة الجن - Al-JinnThe Jinn Mecca28--73سورة المزمل - Al-MuzzammilThe enshrouded one Mecca20--74سورة المدثر - Al-MuddathirThe cloaked one Mecca56--75سورة القيامة - Al-QiyamaThe rising of the dead Mecca40--76سورة الإنسان - Al-InsanThe man Madina31--77سورة المرسلات - Al-MursalatThe emissaries Mecca50--78سورة النبأ - An-NabaThe tidings Mecca40--79سورة النازعات - An-NaziatThose who drag forth Mecca46--80سورة عبس - AbasaHe Frowned Mecca42--81سورة التكوير - At-TakwirThe Overthrowing Mecca29--82سورة الإنفطار - AL-InfitarThe Cleaving Mecca19--83سورة المطففين - Al-MutaffifinDefrauding Mecca36--84سورة الانشقاق - Al-InshiqaqThe Sundering, Splitting Open Mecca252185سورة البروج - Al-BuroojThe Mansions of the stars Mecca22--86سورة الطارق - At-TariqThe morning star Mecca17--87سورة الأعلى - Al-AlaThe Most High Mecca19--88سورة الغاشية - Al-GhashiyaThe Overwhelming Mecca26--89سورة الفجر - Al-FajrThe Dawn Mecca30--90سورة البلد - Al-BaladThe City Mecca20--91سورة الشمس - Ash-ShamsThe Sun Mecca15--92سورة الليل - Al-LailThe night Mecca21--93سورة الضحى - Ad-DhuhaThe morning hours Mecca11--94سورة الشرح - Al-InshirahSolace Mecca8--95سورة التين - At-TinThe Fig Mecca8--96سورة العلق - Al-AlaqThe Clot Mecca191997سورة القدر - Al-QadrThe Power Mecca5--98سورة البينة - Al-BayyinaThe Clear proof Madina8--99سورة الزلزلة - Al-ZalzalaThe earthquake Madina8--100سورة العاديات - Al-AdiyatThe Chargers Mecca11--101سورة القارعة - Al-QariaThe Calamity Mecca11--102سورة التكاثر - At-TakathurCompetition Mecca8--103سورة العصر - Al-AsrThe declining day Mecca3--104سورة الهمزة - Al-HumazaThe Traducer Mecca9--105سورة الفيل - Al-filThe Elephant Mecca5--106سورة قريش - QuraishQuraish Mecca4--107سورة الماعون - Al-MaunAlms Giving Mecca7--108سورة الكوثر - Al-KautherAbundance Mecca3--109سورة الكافرون - Al-KafiroonThe Disbelievers Mecca6--110سورة النصر - An-NasrThe Succour Madina3--111سورة المسد - Al-MasaddThe Flame Mecca5--112سورة الإخلاص - Al-IkhlasAbsoluteness Mecca4--113سورة الفلق - Al-FalaqThe day break Mecca5--114سورة الناس - An-NasThe mankind Mecca6--
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In what surahs are Prophet Muhammad mentioned in the Qur'an?

Mentioned 4 times as Muhammad and once as Ahmad: The 4 times as Muhammad are: 1. [Quran, chapter 3, verse 144] ١. وَمَا مُحَمَّدٌ إِلَّا رَسُول
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How many surahs start with Bismillah?

114 theres you're answer