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Who is holly Marie combs?

Holly Marie Combs [Donoho] is an American actress. Her roles have included portrayals of Piper Halliwell in the American television series Charmed and Kimberly Brock in Picket Fences , for which she received a Young Artist Award.

Is there an way to really contact holly Marie combs?

There is a way to contact her. If you know anybody in Beverly Hills or if you have a friend in America; California they could look into the America phone book and he could look for the name of holly Marie combs or her husband and then you could call her and maybe chat with her if she would give you (MORE)

Who is holly Marie combs dating?

Holly Marie Combs is an actress that stars on the show "PrettyLittle Liars." She is not currently dating anyone, but has beenmarried twice.

Does holly Marie combs have a MySpace?

Yes, Holly DOES have a myspace! She has a VERIFIED twitter and on there gives the link to her REAL myspace. Her myspace is She already annouced it on her twitter also.

Was holly Marie combs pregnant?

Yep shes got two sons with her husband. During the 7th season of Charmed Holly was actullay pregnant so they had to write in that her character was pregnant.

What season was holly Marie combs pregnant on charmed?

Holly Marie Combs was pregnant of her first child during the sixth season. This is one of the reasons why Chris was created as Piper and Leo's second son. She was pregnant of her second child during the end of season 8 and began to show in the 2 last episodes.. Because of Holly being pregnant, Pipe (MORE)

What is holly Marie combs from charmed cell number?

As I have told everyone who asks this same stupid question , its highly unlikely your going to get an answer for that on this . And any where else on the internet ! Why would you want it anyway , stalker much ?

Who did holly Marie combs marry?

Holly Marie Combs has been married twice: 1993 - 1997 - Married to Bryan Travis Smith, Divorced 1997. 2003 - Present - Currently married to David W. Donoho. They have 3 boys. Donoho worked as a "Grip" on Charmed, as well as other series. Grips are responsible for setting up and moving light (MORE)

Does holly Marie combs have facebook?

no she does not though if she did she would not put her name as 'holly Marie combs' . . she may use her maiden name/mothers maiden name because of the fans. thanks 08lowek x . NO!!!! HOLLY MARIE COMBS AS NO MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ETC! SHE IS NOT ON ANY SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITE! ALYSSA MI (MORE)

Holly Marie combs MySpace?


Where is Holly Marie Combs today?

Mostly a Burbank housemom now, the former "Charmed" star since leaving the show in 2006 has been in two Made-for-TV films. "Point of Entry" in 2007 and "Mistresses" in 2009.

What is the name of holly Marie combs baby?

She has two sons: the first is called, and Finley was born on 26 April 2004. His other son is named Riley was born on 26 October 2006 Credits:

How many pets does holly Marie combs have?

3 horses - Jake, Jezebel and Jesse. 4 fish - all un-named. 4 birds - only two of which are named, Lollie and Flower. 6 dogs - Travis, Hugo, Sugar, Thunder, Lola and Fly Guy. 2 Cats - Blue and Selena. 2 rabbits - Thumper and Jack.

Does holly Marie combs smoke?

Holly Marie Combs used to but doesn't anymore. When she was pregnant with Finley she lost all interest in it so it was easy for her. That and her husband has asthma so that was another reason to quit.

Is holly Marie combs a bisexual?

No she is straight and she is also married to David Donoho who was the Charmed key grip, and she has 3 sons, Finley, Riley and Kelley. I hope this has helped.

What religion is holly Marie combs?

In the sixth season of Charmed, she wore a cross. She has done it other times as well, but as a specific example would be season 6 episode 14. Charmed is a story of Wicca witches. Wicca is a religion unto itself, so the christian cross isn't a part of her character. So I think it is safe to assume s (MORE)

Is holly Marie combs dead?

Of course not! I LOVE Holly Marie Combs, I'll let you know if she ever dies, but she is alive and well as far as I am aware!

Is holly Marie combs on facebook?

I'm not sure if Holly is on facebook. There are to many fake accounts on there. She has a twitter account and she has a my space account.

What movie and television projects has Holly Marie Combs been in?

Holly Marie Combs has: Played Candice Young in "As the World Turns" in 1956. Played herself in "Entertainment Tonight" in 1981. Played Debs Boon in "Sweet Hearts Dance" in 1988. Played Jenny in "Born on the Fourth of July" in 1989. Played Costume Party Guest (segment "Life without Zoe") in "New York (MORE)