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How many teaspoon is 3 grams of salt?

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A little more than one half.
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How many grams of salt does a teaspoon hold?

Approximately 6 grams. Remember "salt" or "table salt" is composed of sodium and chloride ions. If you are asking how much sodium is in a teaspoon of table salt, the estim

5 grams of salt is how many teaspoons?

One teaspoon. The conversion rate of grams to teaspoons is 5:1. So  10 grams is equal to 2 teaspoons, 15 grams is equal to 3, and so  on.   A

How many grams of salt equal to teaspoon?

Tricky question, as gram (SI) is a unit of weight and teaspoon (US) is a unit of volume. BUT since you said what the item was ... we CAN do this. First, we have to know the d