How many teenagers in Wales get pregnant?

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The last number I find, 2622 teens, is from 2007 and below the age of 18.
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In Sims2 how can a teenage sim get pregnant?

don't download intimater it mucks your game up in what neighbour hood you want press control ,Shift and "c" at the same time. a box will appear type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true( like that) then go to a family press shift and click on an adult sim press spawn sim moddler then click on the baby (MORE)

How do teenagers get pregnant?

The same way as anyone else, they have unprotected sex the sperm from the man fertilizes the woman's egg and hey presto - pregnant! Answer Get a book from the library, it will have all the answers you need. Dont you have sex ed? Answer Well apparently you haven't been informed very well abou (MORE)

Why do teenage girls get pregnant?

Well, most of the time, they don't do it on purpose. Either they don't know the facts about sex and birth control, and they mistakenly believe they can't get pregnant when they can (like, they think you can't get pregnant the first 10 days after your period, for example, or they think you can't get (MORE)

What to do when you are pregnant and a teenager?

babies are an insane amount of money and work!! make sure you can afford it with food and insurance and bills and everything!! it costs thousands of dollars (literally!!) just to have a baby, let alone care for it and teach it everything it needs to know in life. make sure it will grow up in a hom (MORE)

Can teenagers get pregnant?

Yes, teens can get pregnant. Teenage pregnancy is actually quite a struggle. There are national campaigns geared towards education and prevention. See the related link below.

Can a teenager get pregnant?

As soon as a teenager reaches their first period and produces eggs they can become pregnant. Although, they are a lot more likely to have a miscarriage. . Miscarriages happen frequently only to young teens, not to older teens between 16 and 20. . Yes

How do you get a teenager pregnant?

You get a teenager pregnant by having sex with her. However, sex with teens is illegal is most parts of the world. In Sims, only adults can become pregnant. They've blocked teenage pregnancies in Sims to make a good impression on kids, adults and teens.

Who is effected when the teenager gets pregnant?

most likely the baby . if your a teen and pregnant you have to grow up alot and be alot more responsible... most likely the baby . if your a teen and pregnant you have to grow up alot and be alot more responsible..

Why do teenagers get pregnant at a young age?

many teenagers get pregnant at a young age by not using protection such as condoms, others because they believe that the baby's father will stay with them for getting them pregnant and some for not using proper birth control like the pill, patch, foam, or diaphragm.

What do you do if your teenage daughter is pregnant?

Take her to the doctor where she will be examined and hear the choices she has. The decision is hers so you should support her in w/e she chooses. If she decides to keep it: make a lifeplan regarding the father of the baby, money, school, daycare etc. If she decides to give it up for adoption: (MORE)

Why teenagers get pregnant?

Birth control fail No sex ed and/or only been taught abstinence Wanting a family because you and the boyfriend is so perfect together Always wanted to be a young parent Want someone to love them unconditionally Thinks it wont happen to them and once without condom is OK Feels too awkward (MORE)

What are the reasons teenagers shouldn't get pregnant?

Teenagers shouldn't get pregnant because they don't know how to take care of their child. When a teenage girl gets pregnant the father of the child leaves and he is to young to be paying child support so basically its a waste of time. Also some teenage girls would think that they are ready for say (MORE)

How can a teenager get pregnant?

Well, first you have to go to a churchyard and say "I am dumb" 3 times, and then you have to cut your toenails and eat them, and same day you have to kiss a ladybug 10 times on the genitals... If you fall asleep within 12 hours, you're definitly a pregnant teenager. Congratulations honey, call MTV

Were there Asian teenagers i.e. Indian in 1970's Wales?

The port cities of Cardiff and Swansea have always had large non-indigenous populations. Shirley Bassey's father was Nigerian, mixed-race marriages were common in the Tiger Bay area of Cardiff where she grew up. But there were lots of Pakistanis and other people from the Indian subcontinent all ov (MORE)

Can a teenage woman get pregnant by drinking?

NO ONE can get pregnant by just drinking alcohol or any other drink. The only way to get pregnant is by sexual activity. However, if you suspect you are pregnant you should not be drinking alcohol at all due to the many injuries and birth defects it can impose on the baby, such as Fetal Alcohol Synd (MORE)

Why are so many teenage girls getting pregnant?

I believe it is because of parents and the opposite sex. I myself have been asked to have sex by a younger male and I'm in my teens. For females it is hard to say no when a male is pressuring you constantly. It may not even be the friends saying "OH, you should do this it will be fun." It may just b (MORE)

Can you get a teenager pregnant on sim2double deulxe?

Yes, you can. Here is how: Step 1 -- Press CTRL+SHIFT+C and a long white box will appear on the top of your screen. Type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true exactly as you see it now. Step 2 -- Make sure the two are adults. So SHIFT+CLICK the first sim click Spawn > More > Sim Modder. Then a b (MORE)

What are common reasons that many teenage girls want to be pregnant too soon?

Being a teenager my self, I have noticed that my friends getpregnant to either keep there boyfriends because they are arguingor sometimes not getting the attention they need of there parents ,also is for attention from other people especially from school. Andfor some reason, they think they can get (MORE)

Why teenagers shouldn't get pregnant?

Teenagers should not get pregnant because they are not physically & phychologically mature enough to bear children and because they are not sociologically & economically prepared to care for the child. To care for a child takes money. To earn money you need a job. To get a minimum wage job you at le (MORE)

Are pregnant teenagers emancipated in ca?

Being pregnant does not emancipate a minor. The parents are still responsible for them. They mother does have certain rights that allow them to get medical care for themselves and the child.

How do a teenager know that she is pregnant?

A teen can determine pregnancy in the same way that an adult can. You can notice symptoms which include: missed period, fatigue, swollen and or tender breasts, mood swings, flu like symptoms, nausea, implantation bleeding (slightly different than a period) etc. Not all women will experience pregnanc (MORE)

Symptoms pregnant teenagers get?

loads of boggies farts all time poo's ther self wees ther self gets cravings to eat ther own wax milks comes out of nipples has the urge to get bummed sweetcorn drips out of bum sucks ther own toes

Are there schools for pregnant teenagers?

Yes, there are. In fact, there are many schools for pregnant teenagers. These schools generally fulfill the national curriculum and allow the teenagers to study for and sit their exams. However, most often also include lessons in caring for a baby and what birth is like. Many of these schools are al (MORE)

How many Wales are there?

There is only one Wales, that part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland occupying a broad peninsula on the western side of the island of Great Britain. The island of Anglesey, separated from the mainland by the narrow Menai Strait, is a part of Wales. There are approximately (MORE)

How do you tell your mom your pregnant if your a teenager?

Think about how your parents have reacted to other situations. Try to imagine how they might respond, but remember it's impossible to really know for sure. Still, thinking about what to expect can help you feel prepared for the conversation you plan to have

What happens to a teenager that becomes pregnant?

Like all other women she has 3 choices; keep it, adoption or abortion. Her body will change with the pregnancy and as long as she has proper maternal care she should be fine. The younger you are the bigger risks there are though when it comes to premature birth etc.

What do you do if you are a teenager and you are pregnant?

If I were you, I would keep her/he. The minute you lay eyes on your baby, you will fall in love with he/her. If your under 16 and you don't have anyone (someone living in your house) willing to take care of her/he while your gone, get a pregnancy agent. Consider adoption. They will discuss and reall (MORE)

Why do teenagers fear their parents when pregnant?

The reason to this is most likly becase the teen is probably still in shock and also fears that the parent(s) will shun them. Addendum: The "fear" others may perceive is likely the outward expression of guilt or shame. The child may believe they have betrayed the parent or let them down somehow (MORE)

Can a teenage girl get pregnant on her period?

A woman of any age could get pregnant as a result of sex duringmenstruation. A woman can only get pregnant if she has sex during the fertilephase of her menstrual cycle; when she ovulates and when there isfertile cervical mucus present. Typically women will ovulate 14days before/after menstruation, (MORE)