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How many teeth does an average 12 month old have?

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a 12 month old has about 5 to 4 mabey 6 teeth by that age.
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How many teeth does an 18 month old child have?

  An 18-month-old toddler typically has 12 teeth, but every child is different. There is a simple formula used to predict how many teeth the average child should have. 

How many pounds is a average 12 year old?

There is no average weight for a 12 year old. Everyone is different and that's what makes them beautiful. I am physically active, I eat healthy, I am 4'10" and weigh 100 pound

What can a 12 month old eat?

12 months old is a baby and in the strict family having good plane  of nutrition will start to feed water and breast milk of mother and  occasionally high protein and normal