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How many thieves help ali baba?

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40. Remember Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves?
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Who wrote ali baba and the forty thieves?

I am not sure if the author was ever identified or not I think this fable may have just been passed down for generations and generations and it has always been told by somebod

Who are the characters in ali baba and the forty thieves?

ALI BABA Main character, brother of Kassim and husband of Bernadette and Rita. Former exotic dancer, has a strange penchant for fruit-flavoured skin and beauty products. KAS

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves THEME?

Mga tanga ba kayo? Hindi niyo pa alam kung ano ang tema ng ali baba. Mga walang utak, hindi porke may tinatawag ng internet ay bumabase na lang kayong palagi, gamitin nyo nama
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How do the thieves mark Ali babas home?

Ali Baba's brother, Cassim, was killed by the thieves after they realise he knows where the gold is hidden. He is dismembered. Baba eventually locates the parts, has them sew