How many times has 50 cent been in jail?

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Only once. In 1994, Curtis James Jackson, aka 50 cent was arrested for possession of narcotics and served 6 months in jail
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How many records has 50 cent sold?

Answer . He has sold around 40 million albums . Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6, 1976), [1] better known by his stage name 50 Cent , is an American rapper . He rose to fame with the release of his albums Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2003) and The Massacre (2005). Both albums achie (MORE)

How many units has 50 Cent sold?

As of September 2014, 50 Cent has sold an estimated 16,704,000albums during his career. He is also an actor in addition to beinga singer.

How many albums has 50 cent made?

For Get Rich Or Die Tryin(27 million)(875,000 in first week of USA) Bulletproof(5.6 million) The Massacre(17 million,750,000 first week in USA) Curtis(21 million,699,000 in USA first week) Before I self Destruct(160,00 first week.)

Why did 50 cent go to jail?

Rap musician 50 Cent was sentenced to no less than three years in jail for drug dealing at the age of 17 but the prison area was arsoned the day before he was to get in so he actually never did go to prison.

How many kids does rapper 50 Cent have?

The rapper 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson III) has two sons as of 2017: - Marquise Jackson, son of Shaniqua Tompkins, born October 13, 1996 - Sire Jackson, son of Daphne Joy, born September 1, 2012

How many varieties of Australian 50 cent coin are there?

The Australian 50 cent coin is often used as a commemorative. The original 1966 was round and had an 80% silver content. Somebody figured out that the silver in the coin was worth more than 50 cents, so the coin was discontinued. All subsequent 50 cent coins were 12 sided and had no silver in the (MORE)

How many times do you shower in jail?

Inmates shower habits are as varied as those on the outside. I knew of some who never showered as long as I witnessed there incarceration. I knew others who showered several times per day. At the very minimum, ACLU requires that inmates are allowed to shower once every other day. But trust me - wh (MORE)

How many different Australian 50 cent coins are there?

The 50 cent coin is often used as a commemorative. The original 1966 was round and had an 80% silver content. Somebody figured out that the silver content was greater than the value of the coin, so the coin was discontinued. All subsequent 50 cent coins were 12 sided (dodecagonal) and had no s (MORE)

How many times has 50 cent been stabbed?

50 cent has been shot nine times; 4 times in the back, 3 times in the foot and when he was lying on the ground, he put his hand up to get them to stop and they shot him in the hand. they were about to shoot him in the head but his grandmother startled them and they shot him in the jaw, making it har (MORE)

How many years did 50 cent active?

50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) was born on July 6, 1976 in the Jamaica district of Queens, New York. 50's mother was 15 when he was born. Biography and Career : His father had already left home and 50 Cent was sent to live with his grandparents. But by the age of 12, 50 Cent was on the stre (MORE)

How many 50 cent coins circulating around Australia?

From 1966 to 2009 inclusive, there have been over 850 million Australian 50 cent coins minted for general circulation. A good many of those, especially the older coins, will have been withdrawn due to wear and tear, and others due to damage. Many will be in coin collections and tucked away in long (MORE)

How many different ways can you make 50 cents?

I got 23 Different ways Q= Quarters D= Dimes N= Nickles P= Pennies 2Q 5D 10N 50P 1Q 2D 1N 1Q 5N 1Q 25P 4D 2N 4D 10P 3D 4N 3D 20P 2D 6N 2D 30P 1D 8N 1D 40P 9N 5P 8N 10P 7N 15P 6N 20P 5N 25P 4N 30P 3N 35P 2N 40P 1N 45P

How many cars do 50 Cent have?

Five vehicles. I ain't got no Bugatti. I don't want no cars thatcost as much as planes that I can't find nobody who wanna buy itfrom me when I get ready to get rid of it.

How many Grammy Awards have 50 cent won?

After 13 empty nominations, he have finally nailed his first win recently for "Crack A Bottle" by Eminem and Dr. Dre as well. It's mostly Eminem's song but it's a collab and they all get the credit as long they took part!

How many times did 50 cent really got shot?

50 cent got shot 11 times. some people say 9 but there has been a proven fact that he got shot 11 times. Three in the arm and one in the head, Plus four in the hand, Two in the leg, and another one in the back.

How many ways to make 50 cents?

50 pennies . 45 pennies, 1 nickel . 40 pennies, 2 nickels . 40 pennies, 1 dime . 35 pennies, 3 nickels . 35 pennies, 1 nickel, 1 dime . 30 pennies, 4 nickels . 30 pennies, 2 nickels, 1 dime . 30 pennies, 2 dimes . 25 pennies, 5 nickels . 25 pennies, 3 nickels, 1 dime . 25 pennies, 1 nicke (MORE)

How did 50 cent get shot nine times?

first before i answer this, you may read everywhere and hear it everywhere that he got shot 9 times, that's not true, 50 cent had gotten shot AT 9 times, only 3 actually made contact with him, The hospital report shows 1 in the finger 1 in the back and 1 in the jaw. but yeah shot at 9 times, s (MORE)

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Fifty cent coins minted after 1965 - one 50¢ coin weights 11.340 grams - there are 453.6 grams in a pound - 453.6 / 11.340 = 40.26 -- Therefore there are 40 50¢ coins in one pound.

How many 50 cent coins do you need to make R25?

Very many countries use cents as their smaller denomination. Also, R25 could refer to any one of a number of currencies. If you cannot be bothered to be more specific in your question about the currencies that you are interested in then I am not going to try and guess and so cannot provide a more us (MORE)

How many meters is 50 cent?

They are incompatible. If we are assuming you are using the Indian unit for area: 1/100 of an acre is 1 cent ( 40.468 m 2 ). It appears the cent is used as a measurement of length in the South of India, but I have been unable to find exactly how much that would be.

How many ways can you make 50 cent out of coins?

It depends on the country and the denominations of smaller coinage. In the US, using only one coin value: 1 half-dollar, or 2 quarters, or 5 dimes, or 10 nickels, or 50 pennies (cents). There are dozens of other ways, e.g. 8 ways using 5 pennies. Where 20-cent coins are used, only the first (MORE)

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2 quarters 1 fifty cent piece 1 quarter 2 dimes and a nickel 1 quarter 1 dime and 3 nickels 1 quarter and 5 nickels 5 dimes 4 dimes and 2 nickels 3 dimes and 4 nickels 2 dimes and 6 nickels 1 dime and 8 nickels 10 nickels

How many music videos has 50 Cent made?

50 cent has made numerous videos - usually at least one for each of his hits and also a lot where he has featured on another rapping artist's video or in their song. In all he has probably been in and possibly co-produced or himself made over 100 music videos.

What movies has 50 Cent been in?

Curtis James '50 Cent' Jackson has appeared in films such as "Get Rich or Die Trying", "Freelancers", "The Pursuit", "Jekyll and Hyde", "Set Up" "The Pursuit" and "Vengeance".

Has gas every been 50 cent?

In the U.S. in the summer of 1973, gas cost 42 cents a gallon. Between then and the summer of 1974, it rose to 53 cents. It was probably right around the 50 cent mark in early 1974.