How many times has Tottenham won the Football League?

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2 times. They won it in 1950-51 and 1960-61 seasons.
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Who won the football league in 1995?

ASTON VILLA !! reiss Wilson WHOOO!!!! nah mate it was united You're both wrong. Blackburn won the Premier League in 1995, while the Football League Division One title was clinched by Middlesbrough.

How many Irish footballers have won premier league medals?

\n. \n. Roy Keane . Denis Irwin . John O Shea. Darron Gibson. Damien Duff. no other players from the Republic have won the premier league. Jeff Kenna only played one game and got sent off. You have to play 10 games to get a medal. .

How many cups have tottenham won?

League . Football League First Division Champions . 2 . 1950-51, 1960-61. Football League First Division Runners-up . 4 . 1921-22, 1951-52, 1956-57, 1962-63. Football League Second Division Champions . 2 . 1919-20, 1949-50. Football League Second Division Runners-up . 2 . 1908- (MORE)

How many times have Ajax won the Champions League?

Actually 5 times. In 1996 Ajax played against Juventus in the Champion League final. Juventus won, but afterwards became known that the players of Juventus used dope. The victory was for Ajax, but the board of Ajax wouldn't receive the price.

How many times have Manchester United won the Premier League?

Including the old First Division before it became the PremierLeague, they have won the League 20 times up to the end of the2013/2014 season. They won the First Division 7 times: 1907-08, 1910-11, 1951-52, 1955-56, 1956-57, 1964-65 and 1966-67. Since it became the Premier League, they have won it 1 (MORE)

How many trophies have Tottenham Hotspur won?

As of October, 25th 2012, Tottenham Hotspur have won ; League . Football League First Division Champions : 1950-51, 1960-61 (2) . Football League First Division Runners Up : 1921-22, 1951-52, 1956-57, 1962-63 (4) . Football League Second Division Champions : 1919-20, 1949-50 (2) (MORE)

How many time arsenal won the league?

If you are asking of the champion league then they have not won it at all.But they did reach the final once in 2006, where they lost to Barcelona.

How many times have the Giants won the National League pennant?

The Giants franchise has won 23 National League pennants, datingback to the late 19th century. In New York, the team won N.L.titles in 1888, 1889, 1904, 1905 , 1911, 1912, 1913, 1917, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1933 , 1936, 1937, 1951 and 1954. (Note: The World Series did not exist until 1903, andt (MORE)

How many times have Birmingham city won the league?

They have won the league five times in total. Four times in the second tier league and once in the third tier league. Birmingham City F.C. have never been crowned champions of the top division of English football.

How many times have Man City won the Football League?

man city won football league twice, in 1937 and 1968 They will also win the football league (now called the Premier League) in 2012 if they can beat QPR at home in the final game (unless Manchester United can win their game at Sunderland by 9 goals more).

Where are Tottenham Hotspur in the list of the oldest clubs in the football league?

Tottenham Hotspur was founded in 1882. Below is a list of the oldest teams Association Football in the United Kingdom; . Sheffield Football Club - Founded : 1857 . Cambridge University Football Club - Founded : 1858 / 1859 . Wanderers Football Club - Founded : 1859 . Cray Wanderers F (MORE)

Liverpool how many time they won premier league?

Liverpool have not yet won the premier league there have only been 4 teams that have Blackburn, Man U, Chelsea, and Arsenal. Liverpools 18 titles were when the top division was known as Division 1