How many times was Jack Bruce married and to whom?

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Jack Bruce was married on four occasions. His first marriage was at age seventeen and he declined to name his wife's name as the marriage was short-lived. Jack Bruce's second wife was Janet Godfrey, a little known British singer and sometimes songwriter. They were married from 1964 to 1973. Jack Bruce's third wife was Rose Taylor, the ex-wife of Rolling Stone Mick Taylor. Jack was married to Rose from 1973 to 1977. Jack Bruce's fourth wife was Margrit Seyffer, who he married in 1980 and remains married to today. They have three children together, and Margrit became Jack Bruce's manager in September of 2003 as well.
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Is Jack Bruce married or not?

Jack Bruce has been married since 1979 to Margrit Seyfir, who is German. Margrit has acted as Jack Bruce's manager since 2003.

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What is jack Bruce worth?

Jack Bruce's net worth at this time is in the range of $10 million dollars. He has been plagued by bad investments in his lifetime, which is not an uncommon event for those in the entertainment industry. Also, insiders have said that his lifestyle outweighed his earning capacity. After the break-up (MORE)

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Who is Jack Bruces manager these days?

Jack Bruce's current manager is his wife, Margrit Seyfir Bruce, who was a professional in the music scene when Jack Bruce married her many years ago. She has represented him since 2003, when he terminated Mick Carter, in part because of his mishandling of information regarding his late friend, Rober (MORE)

Who or What is Jack Bruce?

Jack Bruce is a famous English Bass player . Groups : Graham Bond Organisation , Cream , West Bruce and Lang

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