How many times will the number 5 show up if a fair number cube rolled 300 times?

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If the cube faces are numbered 1 through 6 then 5 will show up once every six times, so 300 rolls will show up a 5 about 50 times based on probability
It will show up any number of times from 0 to 300. The expected value is 50 but the probabiluty that is shows up exactly 50 times is around 6%.

A six sided cube numbered 1 through 6 is rolled 120 timesThe number 4 comes up 19 times what is the theoretical probability of rolling a 4?

Because we are only modeling one event, all six outcomes of the die are equally possible. The probability of rolling a four (or, for that matter, any number) is 1/6, or .16666

If you roll a dice 300 times about how many times would you expect it to land on 5?

1/6 of all outcomes should be a 5. 300*1/6=50 This is the answer regardless of what you are rolling for. Youwould find whatever number you want and average about 50 times ifyo

If you roll a 1-5 number cube what is the probability you will get a 5?

Probability = number_of_ways_of_success / total_number_if_outcomes As a cube has 6 faces and you have only specified that it has fivenumbers (1-5), one of those numbers must