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Currently (March 2015) there are approximately 175,000 active-duty U.S. Marines. This is down from the 202,000 Active Duty during 2004-2012's fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
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200,827 active (as of June 2011)
40,000 reserve (as of 2010)

Approximately 40,000 graduate each year from Paris Island, SC and San Diego, CA.

Additionally the Marines also produce officers at Quantico, VA. I am not sure how the whole process works with Marine Corps officers but I know the Naval Academy and Pensacola Florida have something to do with their training as well( I think the former is for Aviation). You basically have OCS and TBS and I am not sure of the rules regarding who gets to skip what.
But suffice it to say I would guess the Marines produce between 2 and 5 thousand officers a year as well.

So say over 40 thousand Marines a year...probably around 42,000.

If they have kept the relative same numbers (give or take 50K active or 25%) since Vietnam and the average age of a Marine graduating bootcamp is 19 then there are approximately 2.4 million U.S. Marines alive in the United States (56 years worth of Marines 75-19).

If fighting age is between 18 and 50 then there are approximately 1.3 Million Marines of fighting age living in the United States.

Once a Marine Always a Marine. United States Marines are notoriously loyal to God, Corps, and Country (in that order). Almost all of them own and maintain their own personal weapons. Many are members of the Marine Corps league, join a state Marine Corps (ie Texas State Marines) and/or regularly shoot in competition (NRA). If our country called on these Marines there would be about a million Marines in the capital (or anywhere else) within about 48 hours.
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