How many types of ducts in air conditioning system?

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It varies for each home. A manual J, D, & S should be performed to determine the amount/size of ductwork that is needed.
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How can you calculate the size of the ducts in an Air Condition system?

Answer over simplified but very usable . Hi:. Here is a simplified breakdown for your question. I can get way more specific and into way more detail (but) if you ask someone what time it is,,, do you really want them to teach you how to build a clock?. 1... Assuming the application design crite (MORE)

How do you install split system air conditioning?

Exactly what I am doing now. My furnace is old and ineffiecient so I bought a new, ineffiecient furnace. (80%) natuaral gas. I also bought a cooling coil that fits on top (upflow furnace) of the furnace. I bought a condensing unit that will go outside and be wired to the furnace and thermostat and c (MORE)

How do you flush air conditioning system?

The only reason to flush the ac system is if you had a compressor burn out.. if this did not happen you just need to have the system recharged.. you might have air the the system pull a vaccum on the system this should remove. the air and the moisture.. . If you replace the compressor you should (MORE)

What is best home air conditioning system?

Daikin is the best in air conditioning! I think that geothermal air conditioning is the best! The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have both endorsed Geothermal Heat Pump systems as among the most energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost effective (MORE)

How do you fix a car's air conditioning system?

There is little the common person can do these days to fix an AC system in a car. With all the environmental regulations, the system must be hooked up to a recovery system, and recharged only by those who have the qualifications (and license sometimes) to do such kind of work.

How does an air conditioning system work?

An air conditioning system works in a cycle. One side of the system is considered the high pressure side and the other side is considered the low pressure side. The air condition compressor can be viewed as the center line between these "sides" of the system. Refrigerant R-12 or R-134a (the most com (MORE)

What is central air conditioning system?

a central air conditioning system contains an indoor unit and outdoor unit. the condenser extracts air from the indoors moves it out and brings cool air through the furnace which then distributes it through ducts in the house. in winter time the furnace works to provide your home with warm air. your (MORE)

What are the types of air duct?

There are three main types of air ducts: sheet metal,pre-insulated, and flexible duct work. Sheet metal air ducts can be made of galvanized steel or aluminum,and may be insulated inside or outside with fiberglass. There are pre-insulated air ducts, which are relatively inexpensiveto install, made o (MORE)

Could someone supply feedback that has purchased a trane XV95 gas furnace with a XL16i central air conditioning system. about the pros and cons and if they had to change the sizes of their duct work.?

I purchased the XV95 and XL16i with heatpump in early June 2009. So my experience is very limited. The old system's AC had needed a charge for the past 3 years running and this year the service company said that the system had leaked so low that they could put $400 of freon into it and it could all (MORE)

Effect of air conditioning systems in weaving?

In the textile industry, AC has a positive effect on both the yarns used in the textile machine, and the machine itself. It reduces humidity levels so the yarns don't absorb the very moisture out of the air as the yarns are dry. Yarns may also absorb the oils from the skin making the workers hands v (MORE)

How would you Get air conditioning duct ready for summer?

Have them cleaned if you are so inclined, but otherwise nothing other than checking to make sure there are no air leaks and that if any ducts are located in an unconditioned space such as an attic that the insulation is sound with no tears or loose seams so as to prevent condensation from forming on (MORE)

Can an Air conditioning system leak into the car?

Because there is a transfer of heat through the evaporator coils inside the conditioned air box inside the vehicle, there is a tendency to create condensation on the coils. This condensation is usually channeled off to the out side of the car via a drain path or hose. If the drain path is blocked, t (MORE)

Can Air Conditioning ducting be routed outside?

It can, but it's not usually a good idea. It is hard to protect from the weather, and it will heat up from the sun and reduce the efficiency of the installation. Putting it in an attic or crawl space and ventilating the space with a small fan or cross-ventilation is far more efficient.

Where is the evaporator on a home air conditioning system?

i dont believe they have one but dont take my word I don't know if it is called an evaporator, but somewhere in the part of the unit that is inside the house are some coils full of coolant and a fan that blows air over the coils . This is where the coolant evaporates and cools the air. The coolant (MORE)

Types of air-conditioning systems?

For automobiles there are many but the two major ones are R-12 and R134a.. . For the home there are various types of air conditioners like window air conditioner, split air conditioner, packaged air conditioner and central air conditioning system..... . Most home systems use R-22 refrigerant but R (MORE)

How can you refrigerated the air-condition system on your truck?

Using a set of a/c gauges put the blue hose on the low side (suction side) and the red hose on the high side (discharge side) and start out by reading the a/c pressures. If system shows to be low then add freon and oil and remember to keep the low side readings between 30 to 40psi and the high (MORE)

How do you increase airflow in an air conditioning system?

As long as everything is working correctly and clean from the blower motor, the blower wheel, the blower housing is clean, the resistor and switch are working and the cabin air filter is clean if your vehicle has one then you cannot increase the flow.............

What is a squealor in an air conditioning system?

To me it would mean that you have a drive belt that squeals either because its worn out or something is causing it to squeal like a bad pulley or one of the components that the belt rides on........

What is the duct in an air conditioning system?

The "duct" in an air conditioning and/or heating system is the sheet metal conduit that carries the conditioned air to the perimeter of a structure and back to the HVAC unit. Typically in a residential application it appears as a square or rectangular metal trunk line centrally located on the ceilin (MORE)

What is a schrader valve in an air conditioning system?

It's the little stem inside the spots where you hook on your gauge hoses to. It's just like the little valve inside the valve stems of your tires. They screw in with a special wrench. It's purpose is to keep the refrigerant inside the system until pressed in usually by your gauge hose.

How do you run air conditioning ducts in flat roof house?

a number of options are available: 1) surface mounted under the roof with them either being visible or boxed in 2) fan-assisted and floor fixed 3) fixed and insulated well to exterior of the roof construction 4) externally to the walls Alternatively, build the roof higher and hide the (MORE)

Which fluid is used in the air conditioning system?

That depends on what exactly the air conditioning system is. 1995 and newer model year automobiles use R-134a. Most vehicles older than the 1995 model year use R-12 (CFC-12). Household air conditioning units often use R-22.

How can I tell what size my air conditioning systems is?

first have a look at the manufacturer label and record how many Btu per hour is your A/C capacity then devide this number by 12000 Btu per ton the result will give you the tonage per hour of your unit. if on the other hand label is not available or is missing, take the amps drawn by the compressor a (MORE)

What are different types of filters used in air conditioning system?

Standard A standard air conditioner filter is made of spun fiberglass and have cardboard frames. It is only capable of removing 10 percent of airborne pollutants. Standard air conditioner filters only remove larger particles and do not filter harmful allergens and contaminants very well. You have t (MORE)

How many BTU in a 3.2HP air conditioning system?

It Depends on the model not the HP HP (horse power) is the speed of the motor the size of the appliance in question (is it a portable or a fixed unit), its output (how much air it throws out) and HP all combined together determine its BTU. For example, upgrading a 1HP motor to a 6 HP motor (MORE)

What is a brief description of balancing an air duct system and why?

If your referring to balancing the pressure in a central heating/ cooling system, commercial or residential, it just means balancing the pressure so that the air flow coming out of all air ducts is the same. If you look on the condenser, which is the unit that's outside and has a couple of PVC pipes (MORE)

What is the replacement for freon in air conditioning system?

"Freon" is a trademark of DuPont for their CFC and HFC refrigerants. Thus, if you actually have Freon as manufactured by DuPont, then the replacement would be the same type of refrigerant manufactured by any other manufacturer. For example, if you had a car with an R-12 (CFC-12) air conditioning sys (MORE)

How do you replace auto air conditioning system?

Not to be condescending, but if you're asking this question on Wikianswers, then you're probably in way over your head trying to do this. You haven't specified how in-depth you want to get, either. Are you just trying to replace a component, are you trying to replace the whole electrical system, are (MORE)

What is a sign of air conditioning system undercharge?

The compressor will not kick on or if it does, the low pressure return line ices up. Some refill cans come with an attached pressure gauge. They are usually under $20, and if you are undercharged, you can fill it. Get one and it will take the guessing out of the troubleshooting.

How can one install ducted air conditioning in their home?

You can install ducted air conditioning in your home by firstly installing the ductal air systems in your home. After that, you can install the conditioning units on the outside, in order for your environment to be fully conditioned.

What is an Evaporator in an Air Conditioning System used for?

In an Air conditioning unit, the evaporator is what is used to cool the air before it is blown out into the surrounding environment. It uses liquid refrigerant which is at a much lower pressure then the surrounding air and sucks the heat out of the air, thereby cooling it ready to be blown out.

How does a air condition system work?

If you want a full, in-depth answer explaining the variouscomponents, how pressure switches work, various compressor types,etc., I'd recommend you take either some HVAC courses or anautomotive air conditioning course.. your local community collegemight offer them, plus they can give you what you nee (MORE)