How many types of tree data structures are there?

Search Trees
Interval Trees
Segment Trees
Orthogonal Range Trees
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Difference between Abstract data type and Data structure?

ADT is a logical description and data structure is  concrete. ADT is the logical picture of the data and the operations  to manipulate the component elements of the data. Da (MORE)

What are the Types of binary trees in data structures?

A rooted binary tree is a tree with a root node in which every node has at most two children.A full binary tree (sometimes proper binary tree or 2-tree or strictly binary tree (MORE)

What is nonlinear data structure and his graph and tree?

see array is linear on it requires continues memory locations. the data structures like linked list does not require such continues memory locations.which requires the size sp (MORE)

What is a balanced tree in data structures?

  A balanced tree is a tree which is balanced - it has roughly the same height on each of its sub-nodes. A balanced tree will have the lowest possible overall height. Fo (MORE)

Application of binary tree in data structure?

A binary tree can be used as a simple decision tree with two  options. In this case, each leaf will be a final decision arrived  by traversing one branch of the tree. Anothe (MORE)

Types of Data in Excel

When you are dealing with Excel files, there are three types of data you need to be aware of. These are labels, values, and formulas. A label is text, while a value is a numbe (MORE)

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There are at least five common ways for individuals to do business in the United States and in most other places. The way the business is carried out depends on the specific b (MORE)
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What kind of data type is a structure?

A structure is not a data type. A structure is more of a collection if data types that can be referenced conveniently. Mainly we humans can keep on top of it, the computer doe (MORE)

Difference between data type and data structure?

Data type can be regarded as data structure because we can define our own data type by using typed function. Data types are the category in which the variable are listed to h (MORE)