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How many types of tree data structures are there?

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What is general tree in data structure?

Binary tree is a tree where each node has one or two children.While in case of general tree, a node can have more than two children.A binary tree can be empty, whereas the gen

Application of binary tree in data structure?

A binary tree can be used as a simple decision tree with two  options. In this case, each leaf will be a final decision arrived  by traversing one branch of the tree. Anothe

Data structures - types of queue?

1.linear queue  2.circular queue  3.double ended queue

What are the Types of binary trees in data structures?

A rooted binary tree is a tree with a root node in which every node has at most two children.A full binary tree (sometimes proper binary tree or 2-tree or strictly binary tree

What is a balanced tree in data structures?

  A balanced tree is a tree which is balanced - it has roughly the same height on each of its sub-nodes. A balanced tree will have the lowest possible overall height. Fo

What are the advantages of trees in data structures?

The tree structure is useful because it easily accommodates the creation and deletion of folders and files.

What is avl tree in data structure?

Avl tree is self binary tree in which balancing factor lie between the -1 to 1.It is also known as self balancing tree. so BF=h(T(left sub tree))-h(T(right sub tree));

What is spanning tree in data structure?

spanning tree is a tree which is used to find optimum path of a given graph

What is nonlinear data structure and his graph and tree?

see array is linear on it requires continues memory locations. the data structures like linked list does not require such continues memory locations.which requires the size sp

What are the different types of data structure?

basically there are two types of data structure, 1) linear : array, stack, queue 2)non linear : linked list, tree...

What are the applications of trees in data structures?

Using binary tree, one can create expression trees. The leaves of the expression tree are operands such as constants, variable names and the other node contains the operator (