How many types of tree data structures are there?

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Search Trees
Interval Trees
Segment Trees
Orthogonal Range Trees
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Difference between Abstract data type and Data structure?

ADT is a logical description and data structure is  concrete. ADT is the logical picture of the data and the operations  to manipulate the component elements of the data. Da (MORE)

What is a balanced tree in data structures?

  A balanced tree is a tree which is balanced - it has roughly the same height on each of its sub-nodes. A balanced tree will have the lowest possible overall height. Fo (MORE)

What kind of data type is a structure?

A structure is not a data type. A structure is more of a collection if data types that can be referenced conveniently. Mainly we humans can keep on top of it, the computer doe (MORE)

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What is avl tree in data structure?

Avl tree is self binary tree in which balancing factor lie between the -1 to 1.It is also known as self balancing tree. so BF=h(T(left sub tree))-h(T(right sub tree));

Difference between data structure and data type?

A data structure is an abstract description of data organization. (e.g.: a linked list, binary tree) The data structure is useful to organizing the data. A data type is a de (MORE)