How many universe are there?

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Perhaps one, perhaps many. Anything you hear about other universes is just speculation for now.
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How many universes are there?

There is insufficient information at this time to answer thisquestion; many varying and conflicting theories and hypothesesexist, however, many of these even vary among interp

How many galaxies in the universe?

Astronomer and science popularizer Carl Sagan used to say that there were "BIL-lions and BIL-lions" of galaxies. Now, thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope's "Deep Field" obser

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How many worlds in universe?

We have no means to count the number of planets in the universe, most of which are too far away for us to see them, but it is very likely that there are a great many, perhaps

How many planets are on the universe?

Potentially there are a lot. If all solar systems had eight planets, like ours, then there would be 8 x number of stars in the average galaxy (~200 billion), then multiply thi

How many parallel universes are in the universe?

3, or perhaps more. It depends on the theory to which you ascribe. For example, recent research done at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) led to the creation

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