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How many Representatives are there in the US Congress?

There are 435 representatives in the US House of Representatives, as compared to only 100 senators in the US Senate. There are also 6 non-voting delegates, representing US territories and the District of Columbia. One gay guy and 2 lesbians and one straight guy

How many different types of lawyers are there in the US?

Technically there are two, criminal and civil. Criminal attorneyspractice in the area of prosecution or defense, covering many areasfrom high priority felonies to traffic and juvenile issues, and"white collar crime." Civil attorneys practice in many areas suchas domestic law, tax law, corporate law, (MORE)

How many lawyers are in the US?

Number of Lawyers in the US . According to the American Bar Association, there were 1,128,729resident and active attorneys in the United States in 2006 and1,143,358 in 2007. A small percentage of the increase (actualnumber 352) is due to American Somoa and Guam being added to thesurvey in 2007. . (MORE)

How many Representatives are in the US House of Representatives?

There are 435 representatives in the House, compared to 100senators in the Senate. This is the number reached when new seats were added in 1913, andthe number was locked by the Reapportionment Act of 1929. From 1959to 1963, there were temporarily 437 seats. There are 6 other non-voting delegates (MORE)

How many US presidents were lawyers?

25 of the 43 presidents, including the current President Obama, were members of the bar and qualified to practice as lawyers. Some of them, such as Jefferson, John Quincy Adams and Woodrow Wilson, had a very limited practice. (Obama is known as the 44th President, but only 43 people have been Pre (MORE)

How many US Representatives does Delaware have?

The state of Delaware has only 1 representative in the US House of Representatives. Because the state has only a single congressional district, the representative is officially considered "At Large" (over the entire state). Delaware has only one state representative. But like other states, it has 2 (MORE)

How many US representatives does Arizona have?

As of the 2010 census, Arizona has 9 seats in the House of Representatives (gained 1). Arizona's representation in the US House of Representatives went up from two in 1943 to three in 1963, to four in 1973, to five in 1983, to six in 1993, to eight in 2003 and to nine in 2013.

How many US Representatives does Wyoming have?

Wyoming has only 1 Representative in the US House of Representatives. Like all states, it has 2 US Senators. The Wyoming House of Representatives of the Wyoming State Legislature has 60 members.

How many US representatives in MD?

In the United States House of Representatives, there are 8representatives from the state of Maryland. Representatives areelected for 2-year terms.

How many US representative are there?

The United States House of Representatives is made up of 435 votingmembers, and 6 non-voting members. The United States Senate is madeup of 100 members.

How many representatives are in the US Senate?

The US Senate has 100 members ( Senators ): 2 are elected from each of the 50 states. But the members of the US Senate are called senators and not "representatives." Representatives are what you call members of the other chamber of the US Congress - the House of Representatives. It has 435 memb (MORE)

How many US Representatives are there?

There are a total of 435 representatives in the US House of Representatives. Because the number for each state is apportioned by population, some states have more than others. All states must have at least 1, and the state with the most as of 2011 is California with 53. The total does not include 6 (MORE)

How many US Representatives does LA have?

The state is in districts, so LA has several districts. This means that someone is elected from each . There are 45 house members from CA. You need a particular district number to know who the elected person is.

How many us representatives are millionaires?

Too many. Most of them have no clue what the voters want and need and I really believe that most of them really don't care. I would like to see important issues put up for a vote by the voters. Example would have been HEALTHCARE, most voters did not want it and it got rammed down our throats. Voters (MORE)

How many personal injury lawyers are there in the US?

According the the American Bar Association there are over 76,000 personal injury lawyers in the US comprised mostly of law firms with 50 or less lawyers. There are also multiple directories that list in excess of 50,000 personal injury law firms and lawyers.

How many lawyers use technology?

To be honest, most lawyers use technology. The definition of technology is "Machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge." So therefore a cellular phone is technology. But in other terms, some lawyers such as myself use Microsoft Office to type up speeches, documents, etc., so ye (MORE)

How many us representatives in 1977?

The number of U. S. Representatives has been set at 435 since 1913. The only exception is the period between the addition of a new state and the next Congressional reallocation.

How many representatives are there in he US 2012?

The number of seats in the U. S. House of Representatives has been 435 since March 4, 1913, except for January 3, 1959 (Alaska statehood) to January 3, 1963 (1st Congress after 1960 census reallocation).

How many US Representative are elected?

The U.S. Constitution requires that all U.S. Representatives be elected by the state's voting public, including in cases of midterm vacancies. Each congressional district elects its own Representative.

How many us representatives are in Alabama?

Number of U.S. House Seats Apportioned to Alabama: . 1 : 1819-1823 . 3 : 1823-1833 . 5 : 1833-1843 . 7 : 1843-1861 . 6 : 1868-1873 . 8 : 1873-1893 . 9 : 1893-1913 . 10 : 1913-1933 . 9 : 1933-1963 . 8 : 1963-1973 . 7 : 1973-2023

How many us representatives are there for Montana?

Based on the results of the 2010 census, Montana has 1Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. Montana has 3U.S. representatives - 2 U.S. Senators and 1 member of the U.S.House of Representatives.