How many villages are there in India?

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The soul of India lives in its villages", declared M. K. Gandhi, at the beginning of 20th century. According to the 2011 census of India, 68.84% of Indians (around 833.1 million people) live in 640,867 different villages. The size of these villages varies considerably. 236,004 Indian villages have a population of fewer than 500, while 3,976 villages have a population of 10,000+. Most of the villages have their own temple, mosque, or church, depending on the local religious following.
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How many people live in villages in India?

According to the statistics by Census of India, 2001, of the country's total population 27.8% lives in urban centers where as 72.20% lives in rural India, which comprises of

Where is Ventrapragada village in India?

Ventrapragada is a village in Krishna District in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Ventrapragada is situated 30 km from Vijayawada and 9 km from Gudivada. Ventrapragad

How many villages are in India?

According to the 2001 census, there are about 638,000 villages in India. About 72% of the countries population lives in villages and the rest live in 5100 towns and 380 urban

How many villages in India are without electricity?

India has around 80,000 villages without electricity and 25,000-odd among them have little chance of being connected to the power grid in the conventional way. These vi

Which is the most educated village India?

It is surprise in Bihar a village is highly educated in India even in asia specific. Some reason..... 1.>30 (I.A.S officer) 2.>100 engineer(included IITian). 3.>1000 High ran

What is the environment profile of the villages in India?

In INDIA there r 92000 villages. Villages in INDIA has much better environment, then that in urban areas. Peoples & their behavior is very simple. The natural vegetation is gr
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How many villagers were forced out of homes in India for tigers?

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, and even in earlier times, thousands deserted isolated villages because of maneaters. The village of Thak, for instance ,had a population
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What are the underdeveloped villages of India?

One underdeveloped village in India is Dungariya in Rajasthan. . It is a village in which people live in the depths of poverty, a village that is technologically stagnan