How many worksheets can you make in Microsoft Excel 2007?

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As many as the memory in your computer can store. The number of worksheets in each workbook is limited only by the amount of memory available.
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How do you make a bar graph on Microsoft Excel 2007?

Put data in two columns (x,y). Select the data including headers click on the chart button from the menu. During its further customization you can select the bar chart option

How do you insert worksheets in Microsoft Excel?

There are lots of ways to insert a new worksheet. One way is to goto the Insert menu and pick Worksheet on the older versions ofExcel. On the newer versions, you will find it

How many cell are there in an Microsoft Excel Worksheet?

That depends on the version you have. Up to and including Excel 2003, the standard amount of columns has been 256 and there has been 65,536 rows. That makes 16,777,216 cells.

How many rows in Microsoft Excel 2007?


What is a Worksheet in Microsoft Excel?

A worksheet is an arrangement of rows and columns, making up cells into which various types of data and formulas can be entered. Each row is numbered. Each column is headed

How do you make a climate graph on Microsoft Excel 2007?

Try the first link below, which shows you how to combine chart types to make new chart types. Alternatively you can use a ready made graph such as the ones at the second link

How many column and rows are in each worksheet in Excel 2007?

In Excel 2007 the number of rows per worksheet is 1,048,576 and thenumber of columns is 16,384 which is column XFD. That makes17,179,869,184 cells.

How many cells are in Microsoft Excel 2007?

There are 16,384 columns (A - XFD) and 1,048,576 rows, for a total of 17,179,869,184 cells per worksheet in Excel 2007.

How many worksheets are there in Microsoft Excel?

In early version of the program there was just one. More recently there are now 3 worksheets in a workbook. You can add as many worksheets as your computer can have enough mem

What is current worksheet in Microsoft Excel?

I suppose the current worksheet would be the one you currently are working on. It is the active worksheet.