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To use an example: if you received a letter from Pres. Bush, you know that he didn't sit down and type it out himself. He dictated his message to a secretary, who wrote it down or typed it out and mailed it. In the same manner, God sent His message to forty different writers, of practically every walk of life, that eventually was made into The Bible. There were about 40 human secretaries or scribes. This was done over about 1600 years or more.
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Who are the writers of The Bible?

Many people wrote the Bible. Here is a guide to the majority of the books: Old Testament in very rough order that they were written Moses wrote the first 5 books in 2000BC.

What is a generic term for a Bible writer?

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Was there any gentile writers of the Bible?

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How many writers does the bible have in all?

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Who are the writers of the bible and what race are they?

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What are the jobs of all bible-writers?

To listen carefully and fully to the Spirit of God within them, to pray, to reflect what the Spirit says carefully and fully without consideration of what people may or may no