How many yards is in 315 meters?

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315 meters = 344.49 yards.
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How many meters are in 400 yards?

400 yards is 1200 feet. 1 foot is 0.305 meter. So 400 yards is 1200 x 0.305 meters, which is 366 meters. 400 yards = 365.76 meters

315 Meters equals how many Cenimeiters?

31 500 cms metric system works in 10s 100s or 1000s here is a rough overview 10 mm equals 1 centimetre 100 centimetre equals 1 metre also 1000 millimetres equals 1 metre 1000 metres equals a kilometre the metric system also works on volume as well 1 cubic metre equals 1000 litres 10 cms cubed is 1 litre

How many square mm in a 315 meter length?

None. A square millimetre is a measure of area whereas a metre is a measure of distance (or length). The two measure different things and it makes no sense to try to convert from one to the other.