How many years has prophet yayha lived?

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for about hundreds of years but was not stated anything about him in the quran
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How many prophets were there?

In Islam: Only some two dozen Prophets are mentioned by name in the HolyQur'an. However, there are many Islamic traditions that place thenumber at 124,000, which were sent b

How many years before did prophet Isaiah tell about Jesus?

Prophet Isaiah probably lived in the late eighth and early seventh century B.C.E., so whatever he said was said some 700 years before Jesus was born.. What this person said i

For how many years did Prophet Muhammad preach?

Prophet Mohamed (peace upon him) was born in year 570. First revelation of Quran by God to him was in year 610 (at age 40 years old) through the Angel Jbril (or Gabriel). Reve

For how many years did it take the revelation to the prophet?

Muhammad received the first revelation by the angel Gabriel in the year 610, which means he started receiving revelations during the Jahiliyyah period. There were a series of

Are there any modern prophets living within the last 100 years?

Answer Jews say that the age of the prophets ended around the time of the Maccabees, before the Common Era. Mainstream Christians usually say that the apostolic age ended the

How many years Aisha live with prophet?

Source Material : Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64: Narratedby 'Aisha That the Prophet married her when she was six years old and heconsummated his marriage
In Old Testament

Which Prophet whose message was primarily about the exile lived 150 years before that exile?

The Book of Isaiah is primarily about the Babylonian Exile, although the prophet Isaiah lived 150 years before the Exile. Scholars long ago solved this puzzle. They say that o