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How might living in the colonies influence people's ideas about government?

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it will help influence peoples ideas by the colonist participating in the governments ideas
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What documents influenced ideas about government in the US?

The documents that influenced ideas about government include:   - Magna Carta   - English Bill of Rights   - Mayflower Compact   - Declaration of Independence

How did the Magna Carta influence colonial government?

The Magna Carta influenced the colonial government by causing them  to make rules in favor of rights for the people and restrictions of  government power. Many ideas from th

How did religion influence colonial life and government?

Religion was the dominant controller of colonial government and life. The colonies were founded on the basis or religious freedom, which led to a great number of diverse relig

What documents influenced ideas about the government in the US?

Although I am only in the 8th grade, I do believe that English philosopher John Locke inspired many of the ideas behind the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson took Locke

What ideas influenced American government?

The main focus our founding fathers had when establishing the United States government was that no 1 person or group gained to much power. So, they divided the government into

What was the effect on Pasteur's investigations on scientists' ideas and people's lives?

Pasteur proved the germ theory at the same time disproving the theory of spontaneous generation. Pasteur's research showed that the growth of microorganisms was responsible fo