How might someones personality change after they had a drink?

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they may become extremely nice or they may become very giggly
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Why might someone smell bad?

The most common reasons for someone to smell unpleasantly probablyare: 1. Exposure to a foul-smelling contaminant. That could includefalling into a compost heap, getting covered with manure, standingby a burning garbage fire, getting covered with sewage or othernon-potable water, etc. On a CSI epis (MORE)

How might someone believe in vain?

To believe in vain is to attempt to believe but the belief is fruitless!!!! . In other words: you didn't really believe in the first place!!!!!

What do you do if you really like someone and you might love them but you just meet someone threw your brother and think you like that person too?

Who to like best! . You pose a very difficult question! Let me rephrase it: How will you know when you like two different people and hope to eventually love them, which relationship will work out successfully?. The best I can do for you is to recommend that you pick that someone who is more like y (MORE)

How do you influens a person to drink or not drink?

you tell them that drinking is a bad habit, cost a lot of money to keep a habit up, but most of all if u do not drink tell them how much it will hurt u if they drink around u tht is a big mind changer.

Can someone other than the person who designed your website change it?

The short answer is yes. The person who will be changing the website will need to know the following information: 1. Where is the website hosted 2. The username and password for ftp (file transfer protocol) 3. The language that the web site was originally written in Number two is the most (MORE)

Why might someone be color blind?

Colour blindness:-\n1. A defect in vision, probably genetic inheritance.\n2. Not discriminating on the basis of the colour of someones skin.

What does drinking do to you as a person?

Drinking alcohol does several things to a person. The alcohol can have dire effects on a persons brains and ability to function. Alcohol can also make some people gain weight.

If someone had an account on your computer and you think he might change your password what would you do?

The first thing I'd do is get my head straight and realize that : if I don't trust him He shouldn't be using my computer at all. A computer is a very personal thing, and anyone who doesn't respect that shouldn't be near it. On a technical note: I would go to Control Panel/ Users and make (MORE)

Why might a person drink alcohol?

Some people drink because they are depressed. Others do it because they want to have fun or just to get drunk (mainly because they're idiots). Many people usually drink a alot on their 21st birthday because that is the legal drinking age.

Why might a person start and continue to drink alcohol?

There are almost as many theories about this as there are questions. Also what some people consider excessive to others is an after work daily habit. The best places to get the real story is in conversation with recovering Alcoholics. Of course you cannot waltz in to the next local AA meeting, unles (MORE)

Why might you drink your own sperm?

Some guys may swallow their own semen out of curiosity or out of a lack of a tissue for wiping it off. Others, after having done that, may find they like the taste or otherwise get into this habit. In terms of safety, there doesn't seem to be any major health risks, since it is always safer to co (MORE)

What are the personal and professional qualities of someone who might be labeled as having reached excellence of stature in a particular field of endeavor?

The personal and professional qualities of someone who might be labled as having reached excellence of stature in a particular field of endeavor could include these overlapping traits: Personal qualities . honesty . strong personal ethics . high work ethics . tenacity . drive . desire . pa (MORE)

According to Dr John Holland which personality type describes someone who might want to pursue a career in accounting?

Conventional! This specific personality type deals with numbers, equations, etc... Basically MATH! Which almost everyone DREADS! :( I know I do! LOL! Anyways remember this secret to remembering the 6 personality types formed by Dr. Holland himself! :D E nterprising R ealistic I nvesti (MORE)

If you were asked to have a drink with someone and soon get drunk after saying yes would you ever be friends with that person again?

Of course. Unless your being drunk caused major problems (somebody attempts to take advantage of you, you get embarrassed by drunk behaviour, you get very sick, etc.) then there is not really anything to blame on them. You had every right to say no, or to limit the number of drinks you had, or t (MORE)

Why might someone be assassinated?

Someone may be assasinated because of their political view for example martain lutherking was assassinated because he stood up to the political views of the americans laws on how black people where treated and that he had a strongly held opinion thatwe should be treated as equals

What might someone ask a person who just got engaged?

What's the date See the ring how long together Are you happy It could be a hundred of different things. Are we talking generally, or more specific? Is it meant to be a "Compliment Question" or a "Rude Question" Examples: >How long have you two known each other? >Did you only get engaged bec (MORE)

Why might someone become a recluse?

Someone might become a recluse because they didn't have any friends when they were little, and all the people they know did to them was bully them and make life miserable for them. So now, they might think human beings are stupid and mean, so they became a recluse.

Why might someone be quiet?

it could be the effect of antisocialality... people being rude or misjudgement also could be the reason.(:

Why might someone be atheist?

They lose faith or they don't see truth in the bible. An atheist probably could go and cross out beliefs in the bible with history and facts. That is what makes them a disbeliever of Christianity, therefor making them atheist. They simply do not believe in any religion. Answer: An atheist is pe (MORE)

Name a way someone's personality might change after they're had a drink?

you get drunk arrested for much drinks and not paying and sitting with girls and talking to them in the bar would cost a million dollar and then you wouldn't have this kind of money so they would arrest you and your wife/girlfriend dumps you and take half of your fortune and then your family and fri (MORE)

What are internal influences a person might choose to drink?

People 'drink' (I'm assuming you mean alcohol and not some other fluid) for a variety of reasons. Some of these confounding factors include but are limited to: - Enjoyment of the taste, colour, and/or aroma of alcohol, wine, beer, and/or spirits. - Thirst. - Peer pressure. - Social routine. (MORE)

Can someone change the name of a dead person?

Since dead people can't do business, there's no reason to make a "legal" name change. Of course, people can be called all sorts of things, and after death, they can't object. Sometimes what a person is called during his life isn't his official name and sometimes after he's dead, people revert to t (MORE)

Why might someone be described as feisty?

As there is more than one meaning that the word feisty can have, there is also more than one reason to why someone might be described as feisty. In general, when someone is feisty he has a vivid or breezy temperament. This can either be positive or negative. When someone is feisty in a positive way (MORE)

Why might someone look forlorn?

Someone might look forlorn if they had just been abandoned, were deeply sad or had recently lost someone or something very dear to them. The standard dictionary definition describes forlorn as being someone who is lonely or sad because of being deserted or abandoned.

What might someone do to celebrate Diwali?

Diwali is a festival of Lights and happiness. To celebrate diwali : . We must pray to Goddess Laxmi and Ganesha. . We must wear new clothes. . Light Diyas and candles. . Give sweet prasad like ladoos , Rasgullas.

Why might a person need to change a recipe List three reasons?

There are several reasons a person could want to change a recipe. 1. To make a recipe lower fat. If you are watching your weight,there are a lot of substitutions you can make to a recipe to makeit lower in fat. Cut the butter in half, or substitute applesaucefor oil when baking. Use skim milk instea (MORE)

How might personal freedom's change for Egyptian citizens if the new government adopted was a democracy?

People would have more personal freedoms under a democraticgovernment in Egypt. This would mean more say in local, regional,and national politics, along with fairer elections.If Egypt were to adapt a new democratic form of government,people's personal freedoms would certainly change. For one, theywo (MORE)