How much CO2 is produced from burning coal?

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Taking coal to contain 50 percent carbon, which combines with oxygen during burning to form CO2, we can arrive at 1.83 kg CO2 for every 1 kg of coal burned. Another way to put it, taking the efficiency of power stations into account, is that 950 grams of CO2 is evolved for every KWh of electricity produced. Note that for natural gas it is more like 600 g per KWh for natural gas powered plants.
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How much CO2 is produced from burning one ton of wood?

Answer . Well, it depends on the water content of the wood. But assuming the wood contains about 10% water (within the normal range of air-dried wood), a ton of wood, if b

How much CO2 produced by burning one barrel of oil?

For the oil Mineral oil has a density of around 0.8 g/cm3, "good" crude oil of around 0.8 - 0,83 g/cm 3 and "heavy" crude oil is above 0,92 g/cm 3 Crude oil consists (by w

How much CO2 is produced by burning 1 ton of wood?

The carbon content of wood is between about 47% and 53%, so lets call it 50%. The carbon, which has an atomic weight of 12 combines with 2 atoms of oxygen to produce carbon di

Why coal does not produce flame on burning?

When the wax melts,it,rises through the wick and are vapourised during burning and form flames.Charcoal,on the other hand,does not vapourise and so does not produce a flame.Ch

How much CO2 is produced on burning 1 liter of fuel?

Most fuels are hydrocarbons so the answer is dependent on the ratio of hydrogen to carbon in their composition. Assuming that the fuel weighs some 800 g per liter (like diesel
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How much co2 is produced when 30000g of c2h2 burns completely?

2C 2 H 2 + 5O 2 ------------->2H 2 O + 4CO 2 1 mole Of C 2 H 2 = 26.04g, O 2 = 32g, H 2 O = 44.01g, CO 2 = 18.01g 2moleC 2 H 2 -------------> 4moleCO 2 2x(26.04g)
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How do you collect CO2 that is produced by burning?

Carbon Capture and Storage is a new Industry that has high Hopes for Our Atmospheric Environment. I had too, until the problems with CO2 STORAGE were emphasized. Now we must f