How much DNA do crows share with Humans?

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To my knowledge, the crow genome has not been sufficiently analyzed for a definite answer. The process of complete genome analysis is time consuming and expensive, so scientists have been selecting organisms that are highly used in research for genome analysis.

That said, the genome of the chicken has been mostly completed. Given that chickens aren't that much closer to or further from humans than crows, the DNA similarity between humans and chickens is at least in the same ballpark as humans and crows. The chicken genome is about 1/3 the size of the human genome (1.2Gb instead of 3.4 Gb) but this is not due to much to birds having fewer genes as having mostly the same genes more compactly arranged in chromosomes. My own experience (I have a little experience with chicken genetics) has been that chicken genes tend to be about 75-85% identical with human genes.
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