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How much Uranium is in Nuclear power?

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It says that the minimum amount of pure uranium(U-235) needed to cause a chain reaction is about 50 kg. It is called the Super Critical Mass. But because pure uranium is rare or dificult to make, usually the scientists will need more then 50 kg.
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Nuclear power without Uranium?

  You are probably thinking of nuclear fusion which will use deuterium and tritium (both isotopes of hydrogen) if it can ever be made a practical technology

Can a nuclear power plant burn uranium?

A nuclear power plant does use uranium as fuel It "burns" it in the nuclear sense not the chemical sense

Is nuclear power same as uranium?

Uranium (as metal, dioxide, carbide, etc.) is the nuclear fuel for nuclear power reactors; plutonium is obtained also from uranium 238 and thorium 232 generate uranium 233.

Why is uranium used in nuclear power production?

Uranium is a radioactive substance. Nuclear power production is carried out by the energy supplied by nuclear reactors. Nuclear reactors control the energy emission by nuclear

How much uranium produces nuclear power?

The mass of uranium needed for a nuclear power reactor depend on the type and the power of this reactor. For a medium size reactor - 100 t.

Does nuclear power have uranium in it?

Either Uranium or Plutonium.

Why uranium is used in nuclear power plants?

Uranium is used as nuclear fuel in nuclear power plants because the fission of uranium atom release a formidable quantity of energy.