How much can a expiereced auto mechanic make in Texas?

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How much does an auto mechanics earn?

Answer . auto mechanics are paid through a uniform source book and based on how long it takes to work on a certain project. Example: rotate 5 tires with the one in the tru

How much does an auto mechanic make an hour?

Depends on experience and how they're paid. Often, mechanics will be paid by the flag hour - they'll be paid for the time projected for the work they do, rather than how long

How much cost to be an auto mechanic?

To be an auto mechanic, you will have to pay for yourcertifications. This will cost around $800 total. This also dependson where you get them. The biggest expense for any tech
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How much do auto body mechanics make a year?

About $40,000 a year. That all depends on area of the country, experience, duties, etc. $40,000 is a guess(and terribly low for someone with experience).
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How much does a auto heavy duty mechanic make first year aprentist?

A heavy duty mechanic can make over $1500-$2000 a week if qulified but for a apprentice you can make about $500-$1000 a week, so they will probs put you on 2 weeks work and 1