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How much coal is required to generate 1 ton of steam?

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As a rule of thumb you would need about 138 Kg of coal (26GJ/Ton) to produce 1 ton of steam.
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How much is 1 ton of gold?

In money, basing upon $1600 per ounce: 51,200,000 1600 per ounce * 16 = 25,600 per pound, * 2,000 = 51,200,000 per ton.

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generally for a condensing turbine the quantity for generating one MW electricity the steam quantity remains 8.5 t/h. it will depend on the design of Turbine in Our project it

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According to Energy Information Administration (EIA) research, emissions range from 2,791 lbs per short ton for lignite coal to 5,685 lbs per short ton for anthracite coal. Ho
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How much steam is used to make one ton of paper?

  Dear Sir,   Steam required to produce in integrated Pulp and Paper mill about 8Tones per tone of paper, Only Paper manufacture in Paper Machine is 3 to 3.5Tonnes per