How much danger does a firefighter go through?

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it can make them die from the fire.Sometime they need to stay in hospital for 10 year.
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How dangerous is firefighting?

Firefighting is very dangerous because of all the different varriables you have. Like your air supply and the material of the building.

In what college can you go to become a firefighter?

theres various ways to become a firefighter. you can always volunteer which make up more 80% percent of the united States fire protection or you can go career. To go career yo

What do you believe the dangers and rewards of firefighting are?

This is a very difficult question to answer. Firefighting is a very dangerous job. As engineers come up with new and lighter construction methods, the job of firefighting is b

Where can you go to become a firefighter?

Contact your local fire departments and ask about their hiring requirements and procedures. Some colleges offer courses that teach people how to fight fires and operate the eq

What type of dangers and obstacles did Lewis and Clark go through?

Bad weather alone was enough trouble, sometimes it would be too foggy for the boats to travel or too cold to leave camp. Also, rain would cause the instruments to rust so Lewi

Can you go to a fire if you are not a firefighter?

Many times you can, although the fire is usually sealed off by police officers to prevent injuries to the public. Some jurisdictions have outlawed portable police and fire rad
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Are firefighters ever in danger?

Yes, firefighters are very often in danger. It is part of the job. Dangers include: . risk of heart attack or other stress injuries . traffic accidents on the way to