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According to my Oxford Companion to WWII in strictly monetary terms here was the breakdown for the major players in their currencies:
UK-Pounds Sterling 20,500,000,000 US-$306,000,000,000 Germany-Reichmarks 414,000,000,000 Japan-Yen 174,000,000,000 Italy- Lire 278,500,000,000 USSR- Ruble 582,000,000,000
I'm not sure if the US figure even takes into acount the 50 billion in Lend lease aid that was given out.

The monetary cost to the U.S. was $288,000,000,000.

trillion dollars according to some other sites (trillion dollars total for Germany, EVERYONE involved including france, US, etc.)

$1.5 trillion

Figuring cost of a war that lasted multiple years is a bit tricky. To the question properly would require a yearly cost of the war. But, for arguments sake, if we say that the cost was in fact $2.88 billion and we figure that for the year 1945, then the cost in 2008 would be $3,444,848,000,000.00. I use the year 2008 because the website I use for these types of calculations only goes through the year 2008. If you would like to check this for your self. This is the citation: Samuel H. Williamson, "Six Ways to Compute the Relative Value of a U.S. Dollar Amount, 1790 to Present," MeasuringWorth, 2009. URLhttp:/www.measuringworth.com/uscompare I hope this helped everyone.

Germany and Britain destroyed each other in World War 2. At the end, Germany was a pile of rubble and Britain was virtually bankrupt.

The economic cost of the war has been estimated at US$1500 billion.
Of this, the US spent 21%, Britain 20%, Germany 18% and the USSR 13%.
(Source: The Penguin Atlas of World History ; Hermann Kinder and Werner Hilgemann; Originally published as Atlas zur Weltgeschichte).

Relative populations were US 120m, Britain 48m, Germany 90m and USSR 200m.

Britain had a National Debt of 250% of GDP in 1945. It made the final repayment on the WWII component of the debt in 2006.

During an address to a joint session of Congress in 1948, pertaining to the crisis in Greece, President Harry S. Truman stated that the United States contributed $341,000,000,000 to World War II. One would take at face value that President Truman's source on this was, likely, fairly reliable.

In 2020, japan sent of 20,000,000,000,000,000,000 yen for war cost
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How much did things cost during World War 2?

During World War II, the cost of living was much lower than it is  today. For instance, gasoline could be purchased for less than 20  cents per gallon, bread was less than 1