How much did World War 2 cost in today's dollars?

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According to, WW 2 cost $2091.3 billion in 1990's dollars.

According to President Truman's address to Congress in 1948 (in part about the emerging Greek Crisis), he stated that the US had contributed about $341 Billion to World War 2. Assuming he mean 1945 dollars, that works out to be about $4.1 TRILLION in 2009 dollars.

Reasonable estimates are that the US spent about 20% of the total of all countries in WW2. That would mean that the total spending for all countries in WW2 was about $20 Trillion 2009 dollars. As a comparison, the current total global economy is about $58 Trillion, and global defense spending in 2009 is about $1.6 Trillion.

So, roughly speaking, we would have to spend about 2.5 times as much to equal the spending during WW2. However, note that the world economy is significantly larger today than during the 1940s, and not just in dollar amounts. So, actual relative spending in WW2 was more likely in the 8-10 times range than current.
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What were the economic costs of World War 2?

Check the related links at right for a link showing the costs of the war by nation. \n$1 trillion USD in 1945 dollars $1 trillion USD in 1945 dollars \n. What price can be put on the estimated 70 million people who lost their lives. the over all cost in world war two gos towards hitler. but t (MORE)

How much did money did World War 2 cost England?

It was roughly worked out in 1990 to have cost $2,091.3 billion dollars which in 1990 exchange rate was about $2 to a £1 which would means it would have cost £1045.65 billion pounds. hopefully this helps.

How much did World War I cost?

By the end of world war 1 the United States had spent about $32 billion. United States : $22,625,253,000 Great Britain : $35,334,012,000 France : $24,265,583,000 Russia : $22,293,950,000 Italy : $12,413,998,000 Belgium : $1,154,468,000 Romania : $1,600,000,000 Japan : $40,000,00 (MORE)

How much money did World War 2 cost the US?

Hundreds of billions of dollars. The US citizens bought something like 183 billions of dollars worth of war bonds. The atomic bombs cost over 2 billion dollars. Have heard a figure of 2 million billion dollars but it is doubtful that figure could be correct because life was lower costing then.

How much did things cost during World War 2?

During World War II, the cost of living was much lower than it istoday. For instance, gasoline could be purchased for less than 20cents per gallon, bread was less than 10 cents per loaf, andpostage stamps were less than 5 cents apiece.

How much money would the Vietnam war cost in today's time?

The real cost? For thousands of men, more than you would think. Hundreds of thousands of lives? The hope of ever coming home to see your wifes and children? Waking up in the middle of the night, still seeing that scene of your best friends and brothers being killed before your eyes? being drafted aw (MORE)

How much did world war 2 cinema cost?

In the US, the cost of going to the cinema was ten cents. This price included the matinee performane, a news reel, a cartoon, a serial short, and perhaps a live raffle for household goods.

What was the cost of a sherman tank in World War 2 dollars?

Refiguring the estimates, Chrysler put a cost per tank of $33,500. The corporation was protected by an escalator clause which would offset this price should labor and material costs go up. Chrysler then issued a letter of intent back to the government that said it would be able to furnish 1,000 tank (MORE)

How much did using the atomic bomb on japan cost for the US in World War 2?

It has been argued that the atomic bomb cost aound 2 billion dollars for the 3 bombs: 1 test bomb and the 2 actaully dropped. Almost every penny of that was spent on the industrial infrastructure needed to make the bombs. The cost of the bombs themselves was virtually negligible compared to that. 2 (MORE)

What were the social costs of World War 2?

The social and economic costs of World War 2 exceed $1 trilliondollars in 1945. Some of the social costs of World War 2 laterresulted in the civil rights movement, however, directly after thewar this was an increase in violence towards women and otherminorities. The only 2 I can think of at the mome (MORE)

How much is a one thousand dollar note from around World War 2 worth?

I think you mean WW II, not 11 (thankfully there haven't been eleven conflicts...) There are no $1000 notes dated later than 1934 so you could not have one from the Second World War. In any case, 1934 and 1934-A bills are worth between $1100 and $1600 in average condition.

How much money did the old computers cost in world war 2?

In world war II computers as we know them were in their infancy. They were colossal machines taking up a huge amount of space and using enormous amounts of energy. The only people that could afford or develop them were governments and large companies. They cost many thousands to build and an equal a (MORE)

What did a World War 2 submarine cost?

\n\n. German Type VIIc was $1 million USD or RM 2.5 million in 1943. \n. US Gato class was $2,765,000 in 1943. US Mark 13,14,15 series torpedos were $10,000 each. \n. \n. German G7a torpedo $9,600 USD or RM 24,000 \n. 3730 manhours. \n. \n. German G7e electric torpedo $5,400 USD or RM 13,50 (MORE)

How much will Guild Wars 2 cost?

Depends, they've just released the pre order information, from the 10th april 2012 you can buy the game for £49.99 and thats a digital download. Other versions of the game include the digital deluxe (£69.99 and another downoad) or the collectors eddition (around £125.00 but you get a box lo (MORE)

Why did World War 2 cost so much?

The weapons, food, medical attention, and other necessities needed to sustain over 100 million soldiers from around the world, the cost of running the concentration camps for the Germans, and the enormous amount of money needed to repair the damage done to Europe by the battles.

How much did monopoly cost during World War 2?

In the United States it probably cost $1.00 considering bread was purchased for 5 for a dollar and gasoline was around .28 cents a gallon. You could get a Coca Cola for a nickel. However, consider this: The average American female made around $35 a month at their jobs. Women in the war plants made m (MORE)

What was the cost of the damage in World War 2?

The following is a breakdown of various incurred costs in many warring nations. -USA: $288 Billion USD (US Dollars [$288,000,000,000]) -Great Britain: £20 Billion, 500 Million PS (Pounds Sterling [£20,500,000,000]) -Germany: 414 Billion Reichsmarks (414,000,000,000) -Italy: 278 Billion, 5 (MORE)

HOW much is the cost of Philippines on World war 2?

You are mistaken, good sir. You simply could not buy the Philippines. The Philippine(an?) people had ownership of the series of islands and would not simply give it away. You must converse with their spiritual leader and haggle a price with him. He usually settles for about $25 million dollars and a (MORE)

What does World War 2 have in common with today's life?

Something worth remembering about history is that it's CONTINUOUS. That is to say, events aren't sealed off from each other just because they appear in different chapters of a textbook. Every event, unless it's totally insignificant, such as whether you ate the egg first and then the bacon for brea (MORE)