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How much do underwater welders earn hourly?

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10-55 dollars an hour
starting is around 20$ per hour for offshore, however you typically receive bonuses for depth, conservation of material, safety, and efficiency. onshore does not pay as well as offshore. 1$ per foot and an additional 1$ per foot for every 50 feet, so say, 75 feet would be 100$, 100 feet would be 150$, 150 feet would be 300$. the bonus for depth goes up as you go down and so does your risk. The deeper you go, the more nitrogen gets absorbed into your blood so for almost all offshore sub-sea welding, you are doing a saturation dive. If you do a saturation dive you are going to be in a hyperbaric chamber, both to compress before the dive and to decompress after the dive. if you are an underwater welder you work on a contract basis, not really an hourly basis.
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