How much do us congressman pay for medical coverage?

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The US congress is covered under the FEHBP system - they have a choice of over 300 health care options. So it depends on the plan they pick. The Government pays about 70%-75% of the cost so if they pick a Blue Cross Blue Shield family plan that costs $1,327.80/mo., they would only have to cover $430.04/mo.
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How much does a us congressman make?

The current salary for all senators and members is $174,000. The salary for the speaker is $223,500 and the salary for the majority and minority leaders is $193,400. Members of Congress are covered by the same retirement plans as other federal employees, the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) (MORE)

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No. Congressmen have the ability to use what is called a 'Free Frank' for official business. It really means that they sign the envelope, now days it is a pre-printed signature where the stamp goes.

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How much does a US Congressman earn each year?

\nThe base salary for US Congressmen is $174,000 plus benefits, plus official expenses (such as for staff, travel, office equipment supplies, totaling around $1.5 million per year).

Who is my US Congressman?

You can find out using your zip code at the related link below ( There is a list of current US Representatives at the related link below. You can also find your state and federal officials by using your Zip Code at the third link. (MORE)

Do Congressman pay federal income taxes?

Yes of course. Basically no one - the President or Supreme Court Justices, exempted under the Tax laws because of their employment/employer. In fact, if anything all of these types are open to much more scruitiny, both officially as part of the requirments of their jobs, and unofficially... (MORE)

How much do US senators pay for medical coverage?

Probible nothing,as we the tax payers pay their bloated salaries. Nothing as of 2010. Egyptians used Facebook and Twitter to defeat a dictator that had been in power for 30 years. Why is it we allow Senators/Congressmen to get remarkable health care for free? Is anybody upset and mad about this? (MORE)

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Who pays your Congressman?

Pay for congressmen comes from two sources: 1. Pay, perks and benefits for congressmen are paid by the US Govt, using money paid by taxpayers. 2. Bribes, kickbacks, Under the table and off-the-record deals, selling senate seats, book buying package deals, inflated pay for one-time speeches at (MORE)

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Senators from the Northern states also objected to the spread ofslavery and the admission of any other slave states into the Union.At the time Missouri asked for admission into the Union, the Senatewas equally divided with eleven free states and eleven slavestates. The new state of Missouri would ad (MORE)

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How much does a one term US congressman make annually in 2011?

Current annual salary for rank-and-file congress member is $ 174,000 . They also receive money for travel expenses to and from their district and a $3000 tax deduction for living expenses. They can not accept honoraria for speeches and there are restrictions on outside income.

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