How much do you feed your 8 lb poodle?

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I'd think 1/2 c food 2 X day, 3/4 of a cup if it is canned, canned looks like more but its not, factor in the water content.

My breeder and vet tells me to feed my four month, eight pound puppy 1 1/2 cups of dry puppy food a day, if he wants more, feed it to him up to four hours before bedtime. At this age poodles are growing very fast.
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How much Benadryl can you give a 8 lb dog that is having a reaction to one of her shots?

Answer . \nI would begin with 6.25 mg (1/2 child's dose of 12.5mg)and wait 15-30 minutes. If the swelling has not improved, give an additional 6.25mg. The dog may become sleepy; or sleepy and then excited. Benedryl is a very forgiving drug and it is difficult to overdose with it; however, if you (MORE)

How much are toy poodles?

Purebred toy poodle puppies are going to be costly if bought in a pet store, starting at $2000 and sky rocketing depending on it's lineage, size, vaccination status etc. Purebred puppies tend to cost less when being sold by a breeder, as I personally got my dog for $300 from a breeder. When they are (MORE)

How much does it cost to buy a poodle?

If you are buying a webkinz poodle then it is $15.00 for big ones, and $10.00 for lil' kinz. but if you are buying a real life poodle I do not know the exact price, but they are probably more than $100.00

How much do you need to feed your 8 week old rabbit?

Your 8 week old rabbit would ideally be with its mother drinking his/her mothers milk along with eating fresh greens and hay. However, if you have a weaned baby rabbit for the first 6 months the rabbit should be allowed unlimited pellets (not mixes or seeds, straight forward pellets) and unlimite (MORE)

How much should you feed an 8 lb cat?

I always leave dried food in my cats dish (up on a special table where the dogs can't eat her food along with fresh water.) There is no actual need to worry about how much you feed your cat as they just graze and will let you know when they want more. My cat is fed in the morning and at dinner (some (MORE)

How much do poodles cost?

All three poodles sizes (Toy, miniature, large) cost anywhere from free to 4,000.00 dollars, that is an average, price could be higher even. If you buy from a breeder who breeds champion poodles that win frequently at dog show then your going to pay more money for a puppy. Be careful if you purchase (MORE)

How much do poodles weigh?

It depends on which type of poodle the poodle is: Standard poodles weigh 45-65lbs Miniature poodles weigh 12-18lbs Toy poodles weigh 4-8lbs have toy boy poodle that i show and was wonder what wweight he should be

How much are poodles?

It's safer to buy a poodle from a breeder and not a pet shop. They sell anywhere from 2 hundred to 4 thousand dollars or possibly more.

What do you feed poodles?

I feed my poodle IAMS dog food.You can also feed them:steak,pork chops, lettuce, tomatoes, apples, oranges, carrots, non-chocolate cereal,(sugar-free), chips, milk,fruit,(no bananas),and cheese.Poodles love raw eggs to.DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING GREASY!!!!! Another answer: Poodles should not (MORE)

How much do you feed a 10 lb dog?

Is the dog mature now? or a pup?. Mature dog at 10 lbs eats less, i'd guess at 1/2 cup of food or 1/4 cup two times a day.

What can people feed poodles?

My vet tells me to feed my poodle dry food. My breeder where I bought my poodle tells me to feed Eukanuba brand dog food. So far own poodle is growing fast and is very healthy.

Why do poodles lick so much?

Generally, dogs of all breeds lick to either taste you (like the salt on your skin) or show submission. If the amount of licking bothers you, there are many positive ways to address that issue. Remember not to yell at your dog for doing it as he/she is only trying to get close to you in some way.

How much food should you feed a toy poodle?

It's best to feed our dogs dry kibbles because it also helps clean there teeth of tarter. You should go buy what the directions say on the bag of food your feeding. I feed my two poodles which are a small standard and now a teacup size, the Eukanuba brand. My small standard gets two cups a day and m (MORE)

How much would an 8 lb gold bracelet be worth?

Gold is currently around $1200 USD per ounce. There are 16 ounces in a pound and you have an 8 pound gold bracelet. So 1200 * 16 * 8 = 153,600 USD . If it is pure gold. I believe this is correct.

How much to feed a 13 lb poodle?

It would be in your dogs best interest to ask your veterinarian, but also on the bag of dry food is the directions on how much to feed according to weight and age. My poodle weighs 7 pounds and he eat about 1 1/2 cups of food a day some days he is not as hungry so he eats less.

How much are Maltese poodle?

The cost of a breed really depends on where you look. If you buy your dog from a breeder then you might pay more for it but it will healthy. It's not a good idea to buy a dog from a pet store. The price could range from Free to a thousand dollars.

Is 10 lbs too much to feed a horse?

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How much does a male poodle cost?

It depends greatly on the person you are purchasing it from. For example, if you bought a male poodle from a professional poodle breeder, chances are it will be rather expensive. However, if you bought a male poodle from a shelter for abused animals, it should be either free or have a small cost. Si (MORE)

How much babies can a poodle have?

about once a year, 3-8 babies each time, if u want to keep the dog healthy. twice a year is also possible, but it is not good for the female dog.

How much to feed 17 lb poodle?

You should feed your dog about 1 cup of food a day (a little less if he is less active). Feeding your miniature poodle the right amount of food everyday will ensure that he does not become lethargic or overweight.

What to feed a 6wk old poodle?

Any six week old puppy is too young to be away from it's mother. I needs another two weeks to be weened properly. However, if the pup has been removed and ownership transferred, provided it has been weened, it should be able to tolerate soft puppy chow or puppy chow mixed with a little cow's milk. I (MORE)

How much are toy poodles worth?

A toy poodles worth is caused by it's pedigree history and champion lineage. The cost and range of a toy poodle is anywhere from free to 4,000 dollars approximately.

How much larger is a toy poodle to a teacup poodle?

A tea cup poodle is 7-8 hundred pounds heavier and 16-17 feet/meters longer inspite of the general misconceptions. They can live for more than 450yrs. I dont know why i just wasted my time writing that please forgive me for wasting yours.

How much should you feed your 30 lb dog?

Please read the side of the dog food bag that you have. it has suggestions for the amount you need to feed by the size. Also make sure you are giving them good dog food. Check the ingrediancs, if meat is not the first on the list, dont give it to them! Spend a few dollars more a week to make sure yo (MORE)

How much is 8 oz of beef in lbs?

1/2 lb. One pound equals to 16 ounces and one ounce equals 0.06 of a pound. Also this relates only to solid (weight) ounces. There are two different kinds of ounces, ounces of weight/mass and ounces of volume (fluid). This can change when you are using the ounces to measure a non-liquid such as flou (MORE)

How much food do you need to feed my dog She weighs 19lb and she should weigh about 7-9 lbs you feed her 2xper day?

She should routinely be fed twice (morning and evening) about the same amount at about the same time. Check with your Vet for appropriate weight for your breed's age, also touch base with a reputable breeder/trainer and feed a quality food. Either you've got the numbers off or the dog is morbidly (MORE)

What can you feed poodles?

Well, obviously dog food, but they can also eat, steak, pork chops and practically all meats. Vegetables, like tomatoes, lettuce. Fruits: like apples, oranges, carrots. But definetely no chocolate or coffee or ice cream or something like that. Especially chocolate is known as being deadly for do (MORE)

What to feed a 1month old poodle puppy?

A good quality puppy food! At one month old it should have been weaned onto wet food, and no longer require its mothers milk. It really does surprise me how some people have animals. Why have a puppy when you clearly don't understand the basics on what to feed it!

Will a 2 lb pork roast feed 8 people?

Yes, but with quite small portions, by the time the pork has cookedit will have shrunk, each person would get about 3 to3 1 / 2 ounces of roast pork each.